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I had an MS ball mouse for about 8 years of hard work. It just wouldn't die. When I went to replace it, I found that you could no longer buy wheel mice. Everything was laser. :( At the time, laser mice weren't really all that spectacular/accurate, and I was rather disappointed. Maybe I've had good luck with MS hardware. Dunno. I'd buy MS hardware again though.

See mine, MS Laser Mouse, it is old, dirty, skin torn, serious injured and yes! it just won't die...  :P

General Software Discussion / Re: FreeBASIC 0.24 Released
« on: August 29, 2012, 04:02 PM »
Hi MilesAhead,

I am programming in VFP, which I don't find its IDE a good teaching ground.

I was thinking to give my kids some basic programming lessons on my own, is FreeBASIC  suitable for that? I am looking for kind of IDE where it is easy to see a test run result for codes...
Or do you have a better suggestion.

Btw, till today, I have very sweet memory on those days when I learn QuickBasic :)
I wonder if QuickBasic will run on winXP.

There are two things about VMWare Workstation I think worth mentioning:

1. There are two VM states: either its O/S is alive or has been shutdown. Creating a snapshot of the latter is much quicker and much smaller in size. That is because a VM snapshot of a running O/S will include its "memory" state. e.g. if you run WinXP in a VM which has been setup with a 1 GB memory, the state of that 1 GB memory is always included in a snapshot unless you shutdown that WinXP before creating a snpshot.

2. It is a great fun to play with VMWare snapshots, like playing solitaire a game.
a) You can create multiple snapshots base on a parent snapshot.
b) If a1, a2, a3, ... aN is a series of snapshots where aN is based on aN-1, you may delete a snapshot in the mid. e.g. you can delete a2 without hurting a3 and the rest of the snapshots which all originated from a2
c) You can even edit and manipulate VM shnapshot file(s) (while it is not in use)...

General Software Discussion / Re: Ripping My DVD Collection
« on: July 28, 2012, 06:19 AM »
Just out of curiosity, does anybody have a recommendation for what a very good (or hopefully best quality) procedure would be for ripping a commercial movie DVD for storage on a home media server to be played on a hi-def TV? I'm less concerned about file size than I am about picture and audio quality.
IMHO, if quality is your utmost concern, then ripping without video conversion is the key.

Why not you rip your DVDs with DVDFab into ISO files, by doing so, you will have zero loss in quality. To play any of the ripped movie, just mount its ISO with either Deamon or Alcohol 52% (both are free), then play the movie as though you are playing the original DVD.


It's pretty darn close.

Thanks a lot!
Man... the name of the program is so cute, this is what I found in the FAQ:
What does "Cinta" mean?
In Spanish, "la cinta" means "band" (or "tape"). In a sense, this is similar to the way CintaNotes represents notes: as a list. And, well, we just thought it would be a nice name ;-)
In Malaysia (my country) the word "Cinta" in Malay means "Love", at first glance at the program name, I thought the program was created by a Malaysian or Indonesian... :)

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