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General Software Discussion / Re: ringtones: a history?
« on: October 03, 2012, 04:17 PM »
I can see something like this in a distant future:
If someone wants software, that person pays for it.  But once it's out there, it's out there.  It's free for everyone else.  Not fair you say?  Well, I sort of disagree. 
No, that is fair, too fair to be true, which makes your idea tally with communism.

Decent download managers will disable Windows' auto-sleep function while active, just like decent media players will. Find a decent download manager? :)

I am using Internet Download Manager, which is actively and quite frequently updated.
The problem is, I fill in a feedback form regarding "Windows idle time problem" and so far no reply from IDM support... sigh!

That seems a solution.
But it has two disadvantages:
1. I will need to run it every time I need to download something big
2. If the data flow through rate is lower than user-defined threshold, coffee terminate itself. What if there is short period of low threshold during a long period download? This can happen immediately after download of one item is completed and before download of the next item starts.

May be I can create a macro to start coffee while IDM is found active ...

My best wish is IDM implements a feature to prevent sleep mode when it downloads something. But their support is poor, it has been days after i formally sent them a support request and till today I still get no reply.


I have very little knowledge about Windows idle time... I don't know if I leave my PC alone (while switching on) for a long time and if I use program like MacroExpress or AutoHotKey to periodically send a keystroke (say a space character simulating pressing spacebar), does that prevent it from entering sleep mode?

I have problem under the below conflicting situations:

1. I want my PC to go asleep if it is idle for an hour or more, so I don't want to turn off or change my current power plan of my Win7 x64

2. However, if I use IDM (or any other downloader program) to download something really big which might take hours (while I am sleeping), I don't want my PC to enter sleep mode because that will stop the download.

Please, any suggestion or clue will be very much appreciated!

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