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Hi doublewitt,

You might find do-Organizer not suitable to be classified as "Bloatware" or "Fatware" due to its application nature or your personal feel, however, that is not an appropriate reason to deny the fact that some "Bloatware" or "Fatware" do exist in the market.

Widen the scope or adding features/functions of an application from its initial objective does brings side effects, generally speaking it:
1) Cuts down performance or raises hardware requirements
2) Makes documenting more difficult - harder for newcomers to master
3) Lifts the price of the application - those who need only few features will feel not worth it.

In fact, from a software developer point of view, increase in #features or raise in hardware requirements is something inevitable along the evolution of an application, however, blindly/simply adds whatever requested by users is not always a SMART idea.

As a user, if A and B are 2 software which offer the same set of functions at the same price and both do well in what they have to offer except that A does everything more slowly than B, which one do you prefer? This is corresponding to 1) above
If A offers just the set of functions which you need at a lower price than B which has more to offer (which you don't need), which one do you choose? See 3)

IMHO, whether a software is "BLOAT" or a fatty, it all depends... it is more personal feel than an objective issue.

Greeting to everyone,

It has been quite a while since my first attempt to look for a note-taking program which uses a mechanism like that used by ACDSee to categorize image files (I have tried that mechanism in ACDSee ver 7 and I really like it).

Here is how I look at the "Organize" feature of ACDSee, which I think is a very powerful feature (effective and systematic):
1. Categories in that mechanism can be analog to "preset keywords/tags" made by user
2. The tree-structure which holds the categories provides a "visual map" to organize "keywords/tags"

1. and 2., are in fact "organize the organizer" just like "learn how to learn" before start learning.
That mechanism provides a chance for user to first set and organize "keywords/tags" then use them to organize "notes"

The same tree of categories (with checkbox on each category) can then be used to mark what categories a particular note belongs to. Just tick with a mouse at the checkbox of a category to mark a note for that category.

3. That saves repeating keystrokes for the same keywords and avoids spelling error
4. A note marked for a sub-category is automatically marked for all the parent categories (save a lot more effort in organizing)

Of course, when trying ACDSee 7, I notice that mechanism can still be improved in many ways.

IMHO, that mechanism is a "must have feature" for note-taking program when categorizing "notes".
Please kindly inform me if there is such a note-taking program (which provides the something close to the above mentioned)


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