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Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: August 21, 2006, 08:42 AM »
Hi rjbull,

Even nowadays, I still use MultiEdit for DOS programming and it uses regular expression intensively for its search and replace function. However the syntax is definitely diff from the DO's. I am not sure whether there exist an international standard of regular expression which supposed to be used by everyone. I can pick up very quickly if there is a reference of the regular expression syntax used by DO, unfortunately I couldn't find one when I evaluate DO.

Another thing I can still remember is about the "rename" function, TC has the most intuitive and easiest to use interface. When I first try renaming files with it, I spontaneously know how to use it - and it is powerful. Unlike TC, DO allows regular expression which I supposed can do more than TC, but what is the point if newcomer find no way or very hard to learn the syntax of regular expression?

Another point worth considered:
A persistant database stores results of past scanning.
1) When should be the right time to bypass scanning based on this past result
2) and when should be the time to rescan and reconfirm the past result

Let say there is a 1 hour gap between a XXXX virus/trojan/... is found on the web and the delivery of latest virus signature database to the end user. If you happen to be online during that hour, do you find the need to re-examine the "persistant database"?
Do you rescan every entries found in the database or simply zap the database so that it is rebuilt from scratch?

If I understand you and "persistant database" correctly:
1) There is additional activity/work to do in order to maintain or update the persistant database
2) There is additional time to search for a file being launched (before checking for virus pattern) if that file is not yet in the database.

It is intersting to me to find out how much time it actually save...

Anyway, lets say a user wants to scan through a HDD for possible hidden threats, does KAV use that "persistant database" to bypass "this file is clean" files during this "on demand scanning" process? Or instead, it builds and updates the database during that process?

I use NOD32 mainly because of its excellent performance and powerful protection.
It has saved me quite a few times these years.
I am so happy that I even help to sell copies of NOD32 to many of my customers, so far more than 50 copies (newcomers+renewal).

Scot Finnie's emphasis on scanning outgoing mail is "hard to understand", at least for me...
If the best 2006 antivirus can secure one from being attacked, isn't that means his/her PC is always clean, so why scan mail going out from a known "clean PC" ?

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: August 19, 2006, 02:42 AM »
It has been quite some months ago when I tried Explorer replacement applications, for what I can still recall right now:

1) DO is relatively weak in handling archive files (compare to Total Commander)
2) Total Commander is the ugliest among all. (But lifetime license)
3) xPlorer2 has the best help document but it fails me in searching PDF files

I am a programmer (since the DOS time) but I find DO search difficult to learn, particularly its regular expression syntax (which is also used in renaming files), and there seems to have no detail documentation on this.

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