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Just check mine, automatic update is working, I have ver 2.51.26

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows XP Myths
« on: October 15, 2006, 10:35 PM »
I am a lazy man who prefers staying at home (as much as possible) than travelling around (especially by driving on my own) and I take very little care of my car (I can't recall when was the last time I wash it). I always describe my car as: "All components are either malfunction or not in the right shape except for those mandatory/must have parts which make my car moves"

The othe day, I send my little poor car for repair because of a major part problem, guess what, the 50 years old (I guess) mechanic throws at me (in bad tone) words like "I can't believe it, your car is in such a sh-t condition, the xxxx is gone, your yyyy is so bad and ..." And this is before he start repairing my car (i.e. he might loss me as a customer and make no money) But I just smile in response to his "father teaches son" style of comment (and I pay as much as he claimed after the car is repaired), the reasons are simple:

1) He is a car mechanic - a good one, I suppose, because he love my car more than my money...
I believe the better a mechanic the more he/she loves to see a car in good shape, though he/she might express his/her techinical love badly!

2) If I get angry with him, dispute with him, I am quite sure at the end he will make no money from me but what is next?
I will have to drive miles further (which I don't think I will want to) to get another mechanic who really understands what is "Customer is always right" . Anyway, I normally will need to pay more to this kind of mechanic for the same service.

I am not saying someone is like the old mechanic nor hinting that he is as old as 50, I just feel his eagerness to get things techinically right is as great as the old mechanic and he expresses it as bad as the old mechanic.
Also, I don't mean to urge the party who argue with him to instead smile to him like what I do to the old mechanic, I only wish to point out that there is no gain in a moody argue.
[link from boingboing]

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows XP Myths
« on: October 13, 2006, 11:07 PM »
Win95 is good
Win98 is better
WinMe is even better
Win2000 is close to the best
WinXp is the best
Because they are all from MS, they are perfect!
When MS come up with service patches for any of the above, they are all mean to correct bugs or problems in hardware drivers from the hardware manufacturers, it is their fault not MS's
If you  get BSOD, blame the hardware manufacturer like Acer, NVidia, Intel and so on or at least blame yourself for not understanding what the message on a BSOD is trying to tell you...
Technically, let's say you get N BSOD on WinXX using machine A and M BSOD from WinYY using machine B, you may take A and B as factors which contribute to N and M but please DO NOT take XX or YY into account, they are suppose to be exempted.

In brief, the whole world can be wrong except MS, especially when O/S is concerned!
If you don't agree with me for the above, the fault could only be yours not mine.

I am sorry for wasting anyone's time to read till this point... :)
IMHO, this is the perfect point to close the thread!

Can someone recommend a good and stable version 3.x of Agnitum?

And maybe a link to the installer too since I can only find the current version on Agnitum webpage.

A little late on the response but a response none the less.

I am using "Outpost Firewall Pro ver. 3.0.557.5918 (437)"
It is the last ver which allows change to preset.lst and is stable (at least for me)

Due to the encryption of preset.lst, for Ver 3.5xxx, ***"disabling DNS client service to prevent unauthorized applications from calling home" is impractical if not impossible.

I am lucky that I hold a lifetime license of outpost pro, i.e. I can afford a long wait.  Agnitum's Outpost Pro ver 3.5xx is no other than a big letdown simply because I can't compromise the *** for any new feature they have added.

And now I heard about ver 4 which brings the *** back (in a new way), but my past experience tells me, DO NOT install a new ver of Agnitum Outpost Pro unless it is a release (shortly after a long-waited one) for patching purpose. I have fallen victim twice in the past for Agnitum's flawed installation set, they both took me days to rebuild the firewall's settings from scratch...
Trust me, Agnitum either has no QA department or their QA team has zero knowledge in one crucial area - how to prepare a working installation set of their firewall - especially one which can properly upgrade old version for existing users.

The fundamental conditions to be a happy user of Outpost Pro are:
1) Avoid installing a major version (a long-waited one)
2) Forget totally about Outpost Pro's online "Automatic update", never ever put in any hope that it will work.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows XP Myths
« on: October 10, 2006, 10:32 PM »
so in summary...

the hosts file is used for blocking domains you want no contact with, ever

firewall to block ip's you want no contact with, ever

and zones for sites & ip's you want contact with, but you want them to be broken.

I think using Host file to prevent threats is not a good idea, here is how I feel, to help avoiding car accident:
Driving slower and carefully is one of the good/right measure, but
"Don't ever drive in these or those blacklisted areas at all" and "keep adding this and that area into the blacklist" is not.
To me, the trouble of avoiding threats using the latter is as great as cleaning infection... :) especially if I am the one who maintain the list...

I remember a case where a trojan/worm (but I can't recall its name) infects a PC and writes to the Host file to block most of the popular antivirus sites (Symantec is one of them) which provide cure/cleaner. I am the one who did the cleaning, since then, I rather the Host file is permenantly locked and no change is allowed, ever.

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