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Hi Veign,

Thanks for the seeker link!

I just find out D.Opus actually can do what I want. After the search result is up, from the menu Edit->Copy Filenames->As full pathname (to the clipboard) then paste to notepad and save as a txt file.

I don't understand why the above is designed in that way? Why can't it simply offer a way to save search result to file in the "find panel" 's user interface or something like from right-click menu?

What I want is just the "search result" on a folder-tree for certain type of files be printed (path+file or full filespec) to a text file! That simple!

WinXP's search can't be printed; I try (but never study in depth) and find that Total commander, xPlorer2 and D.Opus all just can't do exactly what I want????

I have to do it the DOS way, ah! :( ha! ha! ha! :)


Hi greating to everybody,

I have a 250GB SATA hard disk (full of data files but no O/S on it) under FAT32 format.
I am replacing it with a 400GB hard disk and is going to use NTFS, and yes I know the pros and cons of having bigger or smaller size cluster when formatting a hard disk... but I would like to be more serious this time, is there any utility/software which helps one to determine the best/optimal cluster size to use by analysing existing files on a hard disk?  :-\

> - Sort by additional columns, e.g. by size, then by date/time: Ctrl+click on additional columns

I wonder whether this new ver sort subfolders.
I remember my previous test on TC 6.xx, when I click on [Date] column, only files are sorted by date, the subfolders are not.

How is your Type of Update configured?

My setup:

Virus databases:            automatic
Program components:    automatic

Perform program component upgrade if available
Offer computer restart if necessary

Mine is
Virus databases:            automatic
Program components:    offer

I check again and can't find record for automatic Program components update from the event log of NOD32...
I am sorry for rushing into conclusion that automatic update is working, I think I have manually updated it in mid April 2006. :-[

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