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... could anyone suggest another utility for me to replace Evernote ver 2.xx? ...
I think RightNote provides all the features you specified, and many more. The Pro version can also sync selected notes to any of your devices via Evernote.  It will be on 50% sale at BitsDuJour sometime soon after August 9, 2013

A big thank to you! I will definitely try it out.

I have just gone through their version compare list... man some features, particularly those Pro version features are too good to be true!

Oh dear! I like its search result listing.

General Software Discussion / Re: Folder protection
« on: May 13, 2013, 12:29 PM »
tslim: supporting >4gig memory on 32bit XP is, at best, a terrible hack, and it's not something SoftPerfect even attempts. Move to a 64bit OS :)

I don't need it to support > 4GB but it is ridiculous to only allow a ramdisk <= 256MB on WinXP x86.
Btw, I am running Win7x64, my try on SoftPerfect is for helping someone else.

General Software Discussion / Re: Folder protection
« on: May 10, 2013, 06:01 AM »
In my case, QSoft RamDisk is also stable and working find, except it does not allow multiple ram disk.

I just read through some interesting links regarding ramdisk here, particularly this one and also this one

I have decided to stay at what I am using now.

General Software Discussion / Re: Folder protection
« on: May 09, 2013, 10:53 AM »
Hi f0dder,

Today I try the SoftPerfect RamDisk recommended by you in your earlier post.
It was a very disappointing experience. I try install on WinXP, guess what it only allow up to 256MB rmadisk (The machine has 8G ram, but obviously WinXP can only make use of 4G)

If I go beyond 256MB, it prompts an error. I run through their forum and it seems a problem to many.

I have firm info from Seagate engineer about their HDD. Unless you go for their high end brand, otherwise you are using sub standard HDD. I only use Western Digital HDD.

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