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tslim, here's what it says on the CHM To WORD page :

*  Create Microsoft Word Document From CHM Files Windows CHM  to HTML's greatest strength. As you know, Windows CHM To WORD is designed to convert .chm file to word

* Recompile Help projects: an added benefit for developers and serious users. Windows CHM To WORD provides not just the ability to generate more flexible HTML document storage, but also allows you to generate a completely recompile Help project, complete with all text, formatting, jumps, graphics, keywords, secondary windows and more, exactly as the original author intended them to appear.

Convert CHM To HTML: In act, Windows CHM To WORD is Windows CHM To HTML's upgrade version. It means you will get both Windows CHM To HTML & Windows CHM To  WORD after purchase Windows CHM To WORD only.

That means that you could transfert all your CHM files to a big word document, Convert them to OpenOffice format (example) and then from there to pdf.

Of course chm to word is a bit expensive, depending on how much you'll use it in the futre... $38

Please, I am talking about combining several CHM and PDF books into 1 big CHM... not PDF.

Hi Armando,
What a great recommendation :Thmbsup:, I like this UltraCHM a lot. :-*

I have about 30 technical reference books, half in PDF format, half in CHM format.
What I intend to do (a dream for years never come true) is to combine all the 30 books into 1 big CHM for super fast search. PDF search speed is no way close to the CHM's. But in order to combine the books I need to first convert all those PDF books to CHM. If I can have them converted I can then use ABC Amber CHM Merger - a freeware which can merge CHM files quite well.

My problem is I can't find a good PDF to CHM converter. :(

The best PDF to CHM converter I can find is PowerCHM. But its latest version still has some bug and I have no way to contact the author. (I send about half a dozen emails to the author throughout a year and got no reply), I think it is a dead product by now...

If I can find a good PDF to CHM converter, then I sure will get this UltraCHM. Making note in a CHM is always what I intend to do.

General Software Discussion / Re: In search of ideal backup utility
« on: September 02, 2008, 05:22 AM »

Nobody tried SyncBackPro v5, even Mouser in its backup tests !
I think it does everything required in the 1st post.
I think the best way is to ask in their forum. As of this writing I am still waiting for the forum member registration activation email.

Are you sure it support registry key(s) and Alternate Data Stream backup?
I flip through their PDF guide, the grouping profile feature looks excellent!

General Software Discussion / Re: In search of ideal backup utility
« on: September 01, 2008, 04:26 AM »
Hi mwang,

I like your way of testing it out to the bottom of the fact. Thanks a lot for letting me know that GBM Pro does not actually employ a up-to-date zip engine and it only supports unicode zipping partially or with some sort of work around... um.. so call GRename Technology.

I might be lucky that I have always (and am expecting it to be so for a long time) set non-unicode language of my XP to Chinese Simplified and I don't have filenames in Korean.
Put it this way, even if I need to search, I won't have problem.
To be frank, I never search my backup set. Maybe it is because I build/group backup from jobs in quite a systematic way, so locating a piece/a file from all backup sets is relatively easy.

Strictly speaking, what GBM Pro can do, in term of unicode support, is already up to my requirement. I am so eager to find something better to replace it due to 3 major things:
1) Its brainless interface design throughout the whole program.
2) Its backup filter is poor.
3) It does not support grouping of jobs.

and excuse me, I just couldn't help myself... let me moan one more time on the 1):
You won't believe it, a simple thing like picking a backup job can become such a great challenge... a picture worth a thousand words, please see the attachment.

I hope some kind-hearted person will invite the GBM Pro author to this thread, let him see what have he done.

General Software Discussion / Re: In search of ideal backup utility
« on: August 31, 2008, 10:04 AM »
I also load the .gbp file in Total Commander (7.04a, also downloaded just now). I know .gbp files are just .zip filies in another name, but my Directory Opus doesn't recognize it (not even after I set the association), and I don't want to change the ext name to reduce any doubt of tempering.

Glad you try Total Commander, for zip or archive files handling, no other explorer like utility come close to it. Its rename dialog is so far the most intuitive interface design that I have ever come acrosss.
I also own a license for xPlorer2, but I seldom use it. I use it only if I need to work with a flat directory listing. It fully support ADS in its copy and move functions.
As for DOpus, I like its ability to let user set multiple functions per toolbar button, but I really dislike its rename dialog and innocent about rar file.

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