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I have been a long time user of HyperSnap.
I like its ability to capture "a block of text" (or a region define on the fly) with auto-scroll capability... this auto-scroll function alone has saved me a lot of effort and time especially when I need a portion of text right in the middle of a lengthy web page.

General Software Discussion / Re: Is XP really that good?
« on: December 10, 2008, 07:55 PM »

I did acknowledge XP's utility, however, where exactly is the untruth and "religious belief" in my response to "For your normal user, there is little reason not to run Windows"? (emphasis mine)

No big deal. I disagreed and gave 11 specific reasons based on my experience with Linux as a reasonable alternative to Windows...

"Let there be Light"... and there is light
Basically statement like the above gives religious impression. (Guess who said that)

I mean your 11 reasons probably are not religion founded, but the way you have stated them, is.  8)

e.g. you have stated:
- Viruses and Spyware (no need to buy any of that; and viruses are nil)
- Fun! (I haven't had this much fun on a computer since Win95.)

Lets see how I put mine for DOS6:
- Viruses and Spyware
   a) The population of DOS6 user is very small relatively (compare to the most popular O/S - Windows), so no Virus is interested in attacking DOS6, because ... it is hard to find DOS6 user, too few of them.
   b) Even if there are many Viruses waiting on-line to attack DOS6 user, but generally they still won't fall a victim because there is no Internet Browser in DOS6 ... DOS6 users basically don't go on line, the viruses simply got no chance.
   As a conclusion, no need to buy any of that; and viruses are nil  :D
- Fun!
   a) I am kind of person who like to torture myself, very very much. For example, I like to spend hours after hours just to find out why a device does not work in DOS6, even though I know ahead there is no documentation to help.
   b) Sometime I could go on line and ask one million experts a few billion times in order to find out how to configure a device driver for DOS6... even if I am told there is no driver for certain device ... etc
   c) I am lucky that I enjoy setting up DOS6 environment bit by bit until I got my heart attack... I am happily dying just for that... which I think could be a torture to most other people.
   As a conclusion, I have had this much fun on a computer with DOS since ver 6  :D
Well, you need to have strong ground in order to support your reasons like what I have done, right?  :P   

General Software Discussion / Re: Is XP really that good?
« on: December 06, 2008, 01:38 PM »
As for old games booting faster than new ones, sure - old games didn't have to load a gigabyte of 3D models and texture data :P.

So as the case for DOS main screen is cleaner than XP desktop, because it simply does not have Startup Menu, Recycle Bin and Shortcuts with icon. It only has a C prompt.

In fact for all I have listed, those are, IMO, WRONG factors to be taken into account when trying to compare 2 different O/S. Simply put, they are merely personal concerns, not universal factors in O/S comparison.

One might like a wonder woman who helps her boy friend in every aspect of life though sometime she can cause problems, the others might prefer a slim, innocent girl whom he needs to give help in every aspect of life and she never cause problem because she herself is the problem...
I can list a thousand reasons why my girl friend is better than yours, yet I am sure you won't agree with me. I think computer O/S is something hard to evaluate, it is as complicated as girl friend...

BTW, me too have never come across registry corruption for years, except when a virus/trojan writes something to registry in my friend's PC (if that is considered corruption)...

... and to be frank, as of this writing, I love XP the most! :P

General Software Discussion / Re: Is XP really that good?
« on: December 05, 2008, 12:51 PM »

I still have a Pentium 3 machine runs DOS VER6.0
I normally use it to play old games like Dig Dug, Road Runner, Roller and the brush.. etc :-*

On the Pentium 3, Dos 6 boot-up 100 times faster than XP on my QuadCore machine. :Thmbsup:
Dos 6 main screen is 100 time cleaner than my XP desktop (it only has a C prompt) :P
Those old games boot-up 100 times faster than Civ4 or any recent games in XP :up:

Dos 6 does not has a registry so it never has registry corruption problem like XP :D
and ...
with DOS 6, I have never used more than 1 Mb ram to run any program... :-[

I think DOS 6 is the best O/S, better than XP 8)
I have no experience at all in Linux, so I am not quite sure about DOS6 VS LINUX, but I suppose DOS 6 is also better than Linux. :D

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Is there no way to keep My Favorite clips?
« on: September 29, 2008, 11:27 AM »

mouser, in fact I am doing it just the way as you have suggested in that thread.

Btw,  I have tried several clipboard programs, those commercial one which I need to pay, but I just don't know why, my favorite is still this one. This is a great program :Thmbsup: :-* :P

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