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.. and it supports SDRam

Guess you are talking about an SD card, not SD-Ram, that's totally not compatible with car-audio :-[

(Edit: Added link to SD card wikipedia page)

You are right, I mean SD memory card... :)

Have you tried Audacity?

Probably works as well as many of the paid audio programs.  Also I found, audacity aside, that ripping audio to .wma if your car stereo supports it, can fit more songs on a disc with the same quality.  The same audio that I ripped to .mp3 @320 sounded as good or better ripping to .wma @192.

I'm new to Audacity myself, so I have no expert usage advice. I had some video with horrible audio tracks, as in screeching loud, that I had to tone down.  Audacity did the trick. I just messed around with it with maybe a peek or 2 at the manual.

I have a quite decent model of Pioneer car studio and it supports SDRam (I have a 4G SDRam that can store close to 400 high quality mp3 songs). So, mp3 format is fine for me since I don't have problem with storage capacity.

Btw, thanks for your suggestion of Audacity.

My Google search  produce very few other programs (besides those listed by me and Audacity as suggested by you) that can batch process for my 2 needs:
1) Normalize group of MP3 (I mean even out their volumn level so I don't need to keep adjusting volume knob while driving)
2) Adjust song quality with an Equalizer interface and save it permanently in the MP3 itself.


Anyone has experience using one or more of these MP3 utilities:
MP3 Doctor, MP3 Doctor Pro, SuperMp3Normalizer and MP3 Gain PRO. Please kindly share with me your opinions in them.

The below are two of the emails that I have sent to the author (I suppose all the programs are from the same author)

I try Mp3Doctor PRO and I have questions:

Since I can't find single mode in the program:
I have a folder contains about a hundred mp3 files which I want to normalize
and among them there are few (3 of them) that I want to boost the singer's
vocal using the "Equalize" feature (the musical instruments sound too loud).
So how do I normalize all the files and only have that 3 mp3 files processed
with "Equalize" switch ON?


I have tried the mp3Doctor Pro with few songs.
I purposely selected songs from my collection with varying volumn (one
particular mp3 song obviously sounds louder than the rest)
It seems that mp3Doctor Pro does not make them even in volumn. A songs which
sound louder than others remain louder after processed!
(Though mp3Doctor Pro's "Equalize" feature works as I have expected)

I am really disappointed for you can't even explain to me what tool should I
buy. I don't mind to buy more than one tools if I really need them.

Here: I am presented with screenshot of
MP3 Doctor and MP3 Doctor PRO and I got special offer to buy both Mp3Doctor
PRO and SuperMp3Normalizer together.

Here: I found screenshot
of  SuperMp3Normalizer.

Here: I found screenshot of  MP3
Gain PRO which seems to be the same as SuperMp3Normalizer.
and its purchase page is offering
me to buy MP3 Gain PRO together with mp3Doctor Pro at a discounted price.

I mean, who in the world should I refer to, to distinguish the different of
the 3 programs. I am serious in getting tools I need, should I instead get
MP3 Gain PRO since I also want to make even all my songs volumn so that I
can play them nicely with my car studio.

I have mix feeling as should I buy a license of one or more of the programs:
1. The program quickly expired after I try it with a few songs... So, I can't really come up with a conclusion about its quality.
2. The websites of the programs are so poorly made. e.g. up to this point of writing, I am still unsure whether MP3Doctor PRO normalize (permanently even out all my MP3 songs volumn level).

Again, please kindly share with me your experience (if any) with the above.

Well, maybe we have our answer for the antivirus/firewall categories.
I'm under the impression that the Windows firewall was extensively improved for Windows 7 (or perhaps Vista, I'm not sure), but that it's not so good for Windows XP.  Am I mistaken?
It was introduced with XP SP2, and it was just fine back then - what you really need is incoming stuff blocked, and the XP firewall does that just fine.

I use Outpost Pro for firewall.
Can MS firewall block all hidden outgoing traffic (program call home)? I am particular about this issue unless it is something like checking for newer version (that I allow).
I have never use MS firewall before, is the one built in Win7 good enough to do the above?

Just to share my finding and experience:

If you are like me, have a lot of mp3 song collection whose tag info are in multiple languages. (In my case they are English and Chinese Simplified, yours could be different, of course) then this freeware player:

TTPlayer from:

is a must have!!!

1. With few clicks, it can convert tag info of all songs in a folder (sometime I have more than hundred songs in a folder) base on your chosen codepage.  :-*

2. Its lyric search and control feature is so efficient that I can't even think of a better way.

3. It is so easy to extract into individual high quality mp3 files from an APE (with its cue file available).

In brief, every feature I need now and probably in the future is already in the program (that include auto-tagging, tag to file naming etc). I own a MediaMonkey Gold license, but I hardly use it any more due to unicode probelm and I am heavily rely on this free tool nowadays.

The only thing it lacks currently is, it can't really play DTS music file (e.g. some recent WAV file with surround musci effect)...


Unfortunately, because it is created by Chinese programmer it has Chinese user interface.
I have not search around for an English version before, may be it is available somewhere out there...

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