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The king of this category is ActualTools:, I suppose.

Sorry but 32 bits can only address 4Gb - you can fudge it by adding offsets (mirrors) but it is a fudge. PAE is a fudge. You aren't physically addressing more than 4Gb at any one time it is like having a book - you can view any double page but you can't see 4 page at once - unless you use mirrors!

I agree 32 bits can only address 4Gb at any one time. But this has nothing to do with how many portions that made up the 4Gb and where each portion is laid. I could have N portions that add up to 4Gb but they all are just part of a 400Gb physical memory.

i.e. the fact that "32 bits can only address 4Gb at any one time" should not restrict a 32 bits O/S from handling more than 4Gb physical memory.

It is like if I can only eat one chicken at any one meal, that does not mean I must cook only one chicken for every meal. I could for example cook 3 chickens and eat 1/3 of each of them... :D

So you are saying my example is right because you can only see behind you when you turn round and then you can't see what you were looking at ;) Using a mirror is cheating (swine)

Hi Carol Haynes, still, your example is NOT right.

4G is the limit of 32bits, at a particular point of time. But even for a time=t, this limit does not have anything to do with how the 4G is laid. i.e. if I have N mirrors in front of me, I can see N+1 different angle views, though they all add up within the 120 dgree limits size... (when a mirror is placed in front of me, it blocks what is behind it)

Well, may be mirror is kind of cheat, but it is useful... and the world can't do without mirror, right? :-*

Not really accurate - a 32-bit CPU and OS can only address 4Gb at any one time. You can use an offset to point to that 4Gb if you want to but, for example, when you are looking at the 4Gb starting at 64Gb you can't see the 4Gb at 16Gb.

Hi Carol Haynes, your example is not right.

No matter how hard I try with my eyes, I can only see about 120 dgree of the world in front of me, but if I turn around I can see the whole world... well, even if I don't turn around, with a mirror, I can see what is in front and at the back of me at the sametime  :P

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 7 evaluation
« on: July 10, 2009, 12:17 PM »
My biggest hatre of Vista is it won't let any 16bits program to go fullscreen be it text mode application or grphical games...
Hope Win7  will lift this restriction... however I don't think MS care about backward compatibility as much as they used to, chances is there will be more restriction

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