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Ever since I upgrade to latest Firefox Quantum (FireFox 68.0.2), my favorite Speed Dial extension has become incompatible!

I really miss it!
1) It can open multiple pages with 1 click on an individual dial
2) I can set different background (wallpaper) on a per Dial Group basic

As at this writing, the few active and hot Speed Dial Add-ons are all downgrades and inefficient...  :down:
Have I missed an Firefox Speed Dial Add-ons that does the above?

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:56 PM »
plain Jane UI
Man, my greatest hate on Win8 is the "plain Jane UI". Not only missing Glass, but the plain Jane icons.
I simply don't understand how can an "ugly icon" help in touch-capability?

I code in Visual Foxpro under Win7 x64 and I am a long time user of Genie Timeline program.
There was no problem with previous version of Genie Timeline Pro until I upgrade to Genie Timeline Pro 2014.

I can't save my VFP file if Genie Timeline Pro 2014 put it on its pending queue (about to backup).
Basically it either brutely close my opened VFP file (the one which I have opened and am working on) or make file invisible to VFP (VFP was complaining on missing file).

In brief Genie Timeline Pro 2014 is useless for VFP programmer and I seriously doubt that its serious bug might cause problem far beyond VFP scope, because it seems that the program can't work correctly with the shadow copy mechanism.

The reason why i raise this warning:
1. After several email discussion with their support, my complain was passed to the developement team
2. More than 2 months later, I urge for at least a hotfix, and guess what I got in reply?

The support advise me to buy their other product particularly their Zoolz program which is in no way similar to Genie Timeline Pro 2014 >:(

It seems to me there will be no hope at least in the near future and I have to go back to earlier version.

3. Today I saw their Genie Timeline Pro 2014 promotion email, selling it at USD 9.95 instead of its original price USD 59.95

Man, it seems they are hunting one more round for more potential victims...

I think I will put up with the Speed Dial for now, hopefully it will be improved in the future.


In Opera, I assign the local address of a saved session (open tabs) to its speed dial slot and I am able to open all tabs as stored in the session by a single click on the speed dial entry.

In Firefox ver 28.0, I have installed the "Speed dial" extension, I am aware this add-ons allows user to assign multiple URLs (splited by '|') to a single slot, but I find that extremely troublesome, esapecially when it involves lot of tabs.

So, is it possible to bind a saved session (of opened tabs) to a single speed dial entry in Firefox?

I am also aware that the "Tab Mix Plus" extension has its own session manager, anyone know how and where it stores session of tabs?

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