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Sorry Mouser and Apankrat for quoting the email address - I thought it was some other feature you guys were using to reduced spam or similar. I even tried to look up the domain but now realise I need new glasses as I read and that confused me even more  :o

 :) Maximum Happiness here and thank you for the great software.

Just one question - I noticed that the email contained a reference to
For help please directly contact: [email protected]
which startled me, initially wondering if the email was real and legit. Can you provide some info what their role is in this?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch History
« on: August 23, 2016, 10:59 PM »
thanks but fiddling with these settings did not change the behaviour. It seems to me that some days I can log on in the morning and still have some history there and on other days I only get two or three specific listings, usually MS Office ( word or xls). Guess I have to make better use of alias and try to remember those alias I set up.

Find And Run Robot / Launch History
« on: August 15, 2016, 05:54 PM »
I am using Farr constantly and love the many features. The feature I use most is to access my standard files, those I have to access on a constant basis. Launch History is a great help in that respect as these destinations should appear there for easy access. However I don't understand how this list is populated as it seems to randomly forget standard files. Each morning when I first open Farr I am wondering how many files show up as it can vary between only 3 and 10.
I am using Farr on Win 7, 64 bit pro and the files are not just on my pc but also on networked drives.  This morning the result showed MS office, MS word and one letter linked to recent files on my c: drive - but none of my standard xls files I keep using every day. Those are on the networked drives.  Once I start using them, Farr learns and during the day they will appear but tomorrow most likely they will be lost again. I say most likely as some days they stick around.

I have set Farr to keep a launch history of 12.  I notice an option to disable Wow64 redirection currently ticked but don't understand the explanation. Would that explain the forgetfulness? Under Options / Launch History I have "do not add network drives" unticked. Are there any other options I should look at ?   

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch History not working as expected
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:09 AM »
update:  just checked the settings again and after removing the tick in network drives, the history is learning again.  Not sure how the tick got in there, if I may have accidentally done that while looking for a solution. However the issue happened before I started fiddling and FARR had worked fine before. At least at the moment it's working again but have not yet checked on behaviour after a restart or reboot.

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