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In addition to Acronis True Image there is also Macrium Reflect and Paragon Drive Copy. All thee are quite good and full of features. Recently Paragon was available for $20 on some special deal direct from the company. I got an e-mail offer because I used Paragon Partition Manager for years. Macrium has a free version that does full partitions only. Paid version will backup and restore files and folders as well, as do the other two programs. That was also recently available as a one day deal for $20
for Iconico bulletin subscribers.

Macrium seems a little faster in backup and restore than ATI and I quite like it, but so far have only restored one image. Went well. 

I agree with 40hz that ATI V11 is too bloated, and for me full of features I will never use. I stick with it because upgrades to new versions used to be reasonable. I think they are readying a new version.

General Software Discussion / Re: CCleaner Or Not?
« on: September 24, 2008, 09:33 PM »
I use a combination of Revo Uninstaller for uninstalling Apps, and CCleaner for daily cleaning of garbage. CCleaner is highly customizable, but I use it in the default mode, and it is much more effective than the Windows disk cleaner, and much faster. It does have a registry cleaning function as well.

For v3

AdBlock Plus
RoboForm toolbar
EverNote Web Clipper for v2 computer resident  Everote
EverNote Clipper for web version 3

On the whole he got an amazing number of predictions right. May not have thought of microprocessors, but predicted events than microprocessor made possible.

Great find.

Customs officials here and abroad have always had the right if inspection and seizure of personal property on entry into their country. If you think US Customs are bad try some of the other countries. They practically strip you and even look in your wallet in some countries. Facts of life. At lest in the US you can seek redress in court.

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