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General Software Discussion / Re: ESET Smart Security
« on: November 23, 2007, 01:24 AM »
Have used Eset Smart Security since mid June this year on Windows XP laptop and Vista Desktop. Now have fully licensed suites on both computers. Small footprint, non intrusive software that does indeed learn fast from user experience. No popups!. Now that's a change from Zone Alarm, Outpost, Kerio, Kaspersky and Comodo, all of which I have used and discarded, mainly for the reason of excessive popups and poor learning skills.

General Software Discussion / Re: What’s Your Backup Strategy?
« on: November 23, 2007, 12:35 AM »
Drive C backed-up weekly, using Acronis True Image. I do it manually, even though an automatic backup can be set up. Just most convenient for me personally to do it this way.

Data drive backed up periodically, depending on frequency of use. MS Money program backed up after every use. All my sensitive personal files are on an encrypted virtual drive.

All the above backups are to an external HD.

Save every downloaded program in a "Downloads" folder. When it gets to be aroud 500-600MBs I put it  on a CD and start again. Having software even two or three years old, particularly freeware saves a lot of trouble. You can search the web of course but sometimes that can take a long time.

I think reasons one to four are not true. Most PC users know of, or heard of Linux.

I think there is only one reason for lack of Linux popularity, considering it is free : It is not user friendly.

General Software Discussion / Re: RANT: High Software Prices!
« on: April 22, 2007, 09:17 PM »
In perspective:
1. Lotus 123 cost around $129, 20 years ago. Excel probably costs about the same now, for a much superior software. Lotus made you use their program disk every time you wanted to use the program, that is after you installed it. Having to install a Key once on software installation does not seem so bad, does it?.
2. No use ranting at prices and quoting some piece of Hollywood fantasy as your guide. Vote with your feet - there is a legal freebie for most software you would want to use, in most cases several freebies.
3. Cost of goods was never a reason for stealing , and piracy is not caused by software pricing. Pirates do it because they can, and it will always be cheaper that any price. Countries like China and others condone piracy because it is a cheap way for them to catch up technologically.

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