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Unfinished Requests / Re: IDEA: network detection
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:00 AM »
I saw it was old, but wasn't sure if was still an outstanding request, or dead. I have a tool we use at work that does something similiar (automatically connects specific shares based on what the best available server is), and thought I may adapt it if there was still any need. And still getting my head around 2012, thought it was only a year old, will be signing 2011 date for while yet.  :-[
BTW, is there any way to seperate the active but unanswered requests from the answered and no longer required?

Finished Programs / Re: Solved javascript for forum
« on: January 02, 2012, 08:22 PM »
I think this one is done, and old, should it be marked complete?

A folder is corrupt/infected and points to itself. So subfolder is its own parent. Utility could just purge entry from directory table. Then Diskchk can be used to fix misallocations.
You aren't referring to the C:\ProgramData\Application Data in Windows 7 by any chance? This is a (multiple) redirected folder that points to itself (I don't know why, but MS thought it was a good idea). It may be because C:\ProgramData\ is a target of C:\Users\All Users, so legacy apps that use "C:\Users\AllUsers\Application Data" get pointed to C:\ProgramData folder.
There are a lot of redirected folder in Vista/7 (and some even in XP), but I think only Vista/7 have ones that point to themselves.

Unfinished Requests / Re: IDEA: network detection
« on: January 02, 2012, 08:06 PM »
Does what you have above not work? Or did you want it to do something else?

i set the screensaver in the registry to run a prog to hide the taskbar completely , wat i need is to be able to tack on 2 more programs this same way of editing the screensaver.exe reg key,
also i need to be able to re-run these three prog/shtcuts when comp comes out of idleness, to reverse the hidetaskbar/ showdesktop(restore windows)/ and hidedesktopicons.exe
You could use the command processor to run multiple programs by making cmd.exe the program that runs and give it the programs to run seperated by &. Say you want to run C:\Program Files\Prog1\Prog1.exe and C:\Program Files\Prog2\Prog2.exe then set the command to run when it enters/exits the screensaver to
cmd.exe /s /c ""C:\Program Files\Prog1\Prog1.exe" & "C:\Program Files\Prog2\Prog2.exe""
You need the /s and double quotes if more than one path includes spaces, otherwise you can leave out the /s and just quote the one path, however the above will work regardless of spaces in the paths.
The cmd windows will go away after the last program finishes.

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