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Since Ciantic did not respond that he found an adequate solution, I thought it would be appropriate to go into further depth about what mouser is saying in the event anyone else has a similar issue. Mouser is saying that you can right click on a search folder and add a ".exe" restriction seen below.


Alternatively, you can in the Search Folders tab uncheck everything but %MYSTARTMENU% and %COMMONSTARTMENU%. MyStartMenu lists shortcuts for applications you have installed for "Just Me" whereas CommonStartMenu lists shortcuts for applications which have been installed "For All Users". FARR would then only search your start menu.


In the event that you also run portable software, you can simply create a new folder for FARR to search in. To do this you would right-click inside the Search Folder's tab and navigate to the desired directory. Then, you would in the "optional file extension restrictions" put ".exe" there.


Additionally, if you wanted to restrict searching to only portable software, you could add an additional keyword(s) in the "Optional Modifer Keywords" and as shown in the image above would use "+portable <program>" to search within the portable file location.

Find And Run Robot / Re: run FindAndRunRobot from command line ?
« on: December 25, 2015, 12:02 AM »
In case anyone else is wondering how to do this without having to jump through some hoops, this question was asked a few years back here.

The solution provided by mouser was:
FindAndRunRobot.exe -search "blah blah"

with additional information...

In the help file look for a chapter called "Commandline Options", in it you will see a bunch of commandline options you can use to tell FARR to do stuff.

    -standalone = start FARR visible and in taskbar, and exit on close of window
    -search "search string" = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy) and start a search
    -show = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy)
    -hide = hide FARR if visible
    -toggle = toggle display of farr
    -exit = exit any running copy of FARR.
    -exitifnotrunning = exit FARR unless it was already running and this was a second instance launched just to search or launch
    -launch = start FARR (or invoke in a running copy) and launch a command (can use any normal FARR launch strings including setting user variables, etc.)
    -unloadplugins = tell running instance of FARR to unload all plugins temporarily, so that plugin files can be replaced
    -loadplugins = tell farr to reload temporarily unloaded plugins (must be balanced # of calls)

NOTE: You can launch a second instance of FARR with these arguments, and they will be PASSED ON TO THE FIRST INSTANCE and executed, without actually leaving a second instance running (so don't specify -exit unless you want to kill all running instances)

Turns out someone beat me to it 7 years ago. It has exactly the features you are looking for:

Yes, this is somewhat doable... at least I think. I'll see if I have time over the holidays to whip up something magical.

Tested on the Archive and the Installer version of FARR.

Version v2.104.02 was grabbed through FARR's updater.
Plugins located in the Plugin folder in the FARR Directory are not loaded.
Refreshing the plugins do not result in the plugins being recognized.

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