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LaunchBar Commander / Shortcut for Windows Fax and Scan
« on: April 02, 2014, 04:16 PM »
Trying to add a shortcut for Windows Fax and Scan to my dock (in Windows 8.1)

The shortcut works fine from the Desktop, but if I add it to the dock, it doesn't
do anything. Tried both Copy Shortcut Properties and Link to Shortcut, to no

Any thoughts? I've likely overlooked something obvious.


LaunchBar Commander / Any way to center items in dock?
« on: December 11, 2011, 07:50 AM »
Basically same question as this one

My dock is docked at the top of the screen. I would like the items to be grouped together at
the center of the dock instead of at the left-hand side of the dock.


I am experimenting with LBC (1.129.01) on my Win7 64-bit system.
I want to use LBC in conjunction with a virtual desktop program called Dexpot.
Everything is working well except for one very annoying issue.

I have LBC docked at the top of the screen, set to auto-slide (auto-hide has same issue)
and set to always be on top.

When I switch from one virtual desktop to another, the desktop is shifted down by the
height of LBC even though LBC itself is hidden. If I open an application in full screen mode,
the application window fills the screen except for the area at the top where LBC would
be if it were open.

I realize this could be a bug in Dexpot, just wondering whether this might ring any bells
with you? Do you have any suggestions for further investigation?

(FWIW, I use LBC on XP 32-bit with Virtual Dimension virtual desktop program and do not
see this problem.)


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