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brotherS, when you say adblock, do you mean adblock plus?

AdBlock Plus vs. AdBlock Normal?

Ok, why don't you write a Proxomitron Mini-Review then? :) Is it as easy to set up?
i am not good at writing review, especially on a program like Proxomitron that capable of rewriting the whole webpage.

it is very easy to set up, no installation needed, just unzip, run it and set up the local proxy.

you can get proxo here:
and the lastest filterset here:

{Ed - I corrected the link}

ad muncher is no where close the the proxomitron, and proxo is free.

I hadn't seen this - are you seriously saying that any change of mobo (even a failure) means you lose your copy of Vista completely?
-Carol Haynes (March 20, 2006, 03:31 AM)

sorry for the wrong info, i think the new licence agreement applies to XP as well.

2/15/2006 Microsoft: Upgraded Motherboard = New Windows Licence

Microsoft recently made a change to the licence agreement saying that a new motherboard is equal to a new computer, hence you need to purchase a new Windows licence.

Here is what Microsoft has to say:

“An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a “new personal computer” to which Microsoft® OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from another computer. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created and the license of new operating system software is required.”

The reason Microsoft gave for this term is that “Microsoft needed to have one base component “left standing” that would still define that original PC. Since the motherboard contains the CPU and is the “heart and soul” of the PC, when the motherboard is replaced (for reasons other than defect) a new PC is essentially created.”

Microsoft sent a memo to its OEM partners asking them to enforce this new policy, every time they upgrade a computer for a client.


does drm really have anything to do with windows vista? i mean whatever drm technologies they add to drm will surely be added to the media player software, etc.  its not like the operating system is going to make the drm situation better or worse one way or the other as far as i know.

best solution to drm madness i guess is to boycott content protected with drm.
vista not only has software drm, it also has hardware drm, and everytime you change the motherboard, you need to purchase a new windows licence.

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