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Living Room / Re: June 4 Podcast
« on: June 04, 2006, 09:58 PM »
yeah it was hard to hear cuz we have crappy equipment. Sorry :(
But here are the lyrics in case you were wondering what they were....

Hey! woncha come on over here now

there is something i need to say..... yeah yeah

Crazy how people are talkin bout ya... mmhmmm

Saying your better than allllll the rest,.oh yeah...yeahhhh

Come on over here now me what you got ...

show me allllllllllll your functions baby..... and utilize my form.... yah

There is no other widget.... no no

That can make me feel the way you do...

you make me wanna perl and c++ toooo yeah yeah...

come on over here now widget.....

and let me use you in my code...yeah yeah...

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