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Just thought I'd add a script that does what I need, in case there are other with similar problems. This script in particular makes a few changes to Total Commander. It will replace the standard window captioning (which by default shows "Total Commander 6.55 - Registration name") with a much more useful current work path. Much more accessible & useful if you ask me :)
 ; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
 ; Language:       English
 ; Platform:       WinXX
 ; Author:         Dirhael (dirhael at gmail dot com)
 ; Script Function:
 ; Enables the display of the currently active work path in Total Commanders window captioning
 #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
 #SingleInstance ignore ; Only allow one running copy of this script
 #NoTrayIcon ; We don't need the tray icon for this script
 SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
 #MaxMem 1 ; While it's probably not needed, try to use as little memory as possible
 SetEnv,tcpp_exe,TCPowerPack.exe ; The name of the Total Commander Powerpack executable
 SetEnv,tc_exe,totalcmd.exe ; The name of the regular Total Commander executable
 SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Make sure that we're working in the same folder as the script's located in.
 IfWinNotExist ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD
  Run, %A_WorkingDir%\%tcpp_exe%, , UseErrorLevel ; Check for TC Powerpack and run if found
  if ErrorLevel = ERROR ; Attempt to run the regular version of Total Commander if we can't find TC Powerpack
  Run, %A_WorkingDir%\%tc_exe%, , UseErrorLevel ; Check for regular Total Commander and run if found
  if ErrorLevel = ERROR ; Error message and exit if we can't start the application
  Msgbox, 16, , ERROR: Unable to launch Total Commander.`n`n%A_WorkingDir%\%tcpp_exe% -> File Not Found!`n%A_WorkingDir%\%tc_exe% -> File Not Found!`n`nPlease make sure that you are running this application from the same directory as one (or both) of the above executables are located.
  WinWaitActive ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD ; No point in continuing until the Total Commander window is active
  ControlGetText, text, TMyPanel2 ; Get the current path from the "command prompt" toolbar (will work even if it's not displayed)
  StringTrimRight, text, text, 1 ; Get rid of the rightmost ">" character
  WinSetTitle %text% ; Set the title captioning
  IfWinNotExist ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD ; If Total Commander isn't running, we'll just exit here

 It will first attempt to launch Total Commander, and keep running until you shut down TC. If you'd like to use it, keep in mind that you'll have to copy it to your TC folder. I've just compiled it, copied it to the correct folder, and changed my start menu shortcuts accordingly :)
 Here's a before and after screenshot:



I've owned an Actual Tools license in the past, and I must drop a warning that you are only buying 3 months of support & future versions when you buy this product.  A very not-so-fair deal in my opinion. 
But still a well written & supported program, with good features.

I actually solved my own problem without the need to buy that application.. The lifesaver you ask? AutoHotKey of course ;)

I know Actual Windows Manager can change the Caption of a window on Startup.

Thanks, that's almost exactly what I was looking for! :) It does seem to be slightly overkill for my needs, but who knows, I may need the other features later on..

EDIT: I think I spoke to soon. While it's close to what I needed, it doesn't allow me to just strip out parts of the window titles. Let's take a example of what I mean, Notepad++ names its windows this way: "Notepad++ - C:\Path\To\File.txt"
The problem with renaming the entire window title is that I'll have no idea what files are open, so I'm pretty much not any closer to a solution than I was :( Thanks for the help anyway though!

Well.... I don't know any app that can do this. That doesn't mean it can't be done, though... ;)

hehe, yeah... I seem to recall a harmless trojan once upon a time that allowed you to rename the taskbar buttons & window titles to your liking. Was fun using that to mess with a flatmate, but I don't think I'd want to install a virus just to achieve what I'm looking for ;)

Thought I'd ask this question here as well, seeing as there are a lot of knowledgeable people here :) Ever encountered software that insists on putting their application title in front of any open files / folders you might have? I have, and it frustrates me to no end. I know what applications I'm using, so there is absolutely no reason to keep reminding me at the expense of usability. What happens is that when you're having several copies of the same software open, there is no good way to distinguish them from each other.

My question then becomes, are there any utilities that will let me rename those taskbar buttons and window titles? I would prefer if I could make changes in a more permanent way by associate the changes with the window class or filename, but a less advanced method would also be a good start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

The fact that he calls Directory Opus a "explorer style file-manager" just confirms the fact that he haven't really tested it at all. Really, I'm not to sure I even understand what he means by that, considering that in one of his screenshots he's even using the commander-style lister :huh:

quite a good review but a mention of my favourite Servant Salamander would have been nice. also might want to add XYPlorer too..

For a lot of people, Servant Salamander isn't really a good alternative in its current state. The lack of Unicode support makes it pretty much worthless to me. It's a shame really, because I really enjoyed it when I tested it. It looks good, feels good, has excellent speed and not to mention all of the useful functions it comes bundled with. While I doubt I'll ever switch from Directory Opus, I'll be very interested to further evaluate that Salamander when it finally supports Unicode :)

As for the comparison itself, I think it's nice to see someone take interest in the file manager category, but I do take issue with some of those scores. I get the impression that the author haven't really taken the time to really get to know the various programs at all. It seems like a few of them have barely been installed, then given a score. Anyway, I can't really complain though, as there are a lot more products featured there than in most of the so-called "pro" reviews.

General Software Discussion / Re: Quicklaunch bar question
« on: October 12, 2006, 01:38 PM »
You might also want to take a look at Free Launch Bar. It's the freeware version of True Launch Bar :)

Thanks Dirhael and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the welcome :)

Hello everyone, first-time poster here. Was just browsing this forum after being introduced to the excellent Find And Run Robot. Anyway, just wanted to add a little to the discussion regarding Outlook .pst files. Yes, they should theoretically work up to 2 GB, but after having worked with tech. support for the last 4 years (done with it now though), I would recommend anyone to create a new one every ~200 MB. I don't really care what Microsoft or anyone says, data corruption is quite common with files larger than that (200MB). Also, even if that weren't the case, if something should happen, it's a lot better to just loose 200 MB worth of data instead of 10 times that :)

Oh and before I forget, there's another useful tool included with Outlook in addition to the scanpst.exe one; scanost.exe does pretty much the same, but for the "offline cache" files. If those files becomes corrupted, Outlook will start behaving badly no matter the state of your .pst files.

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