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Thanks a lot, mouser :)

Adding this alias works as expected now.

Maybe you could add a little visual tweak to farr to make this special kind of use a bit smoother?

If you type a longer searchstring (e.g.: windows 7 registry hide user) the status bar of farr flickers a lot after you've reached the "7" because no results were found and with every additional letter that you type the statusbar switches between: Found 0 results in 0 seconds. | the directory in which farr is actually searching.

Maybe a user definable delay between 2 keystrokes after farr got two "found 0 results" in a row? Basically something like the "delay search start based on inter-keypress interval and length of search string" for this special kind of purpose?


Find And Run Robot / Never show the tray symbol?
« on: July 10, 2011, 12:41 PM »

I'm wondering if there isn't any option to never display the farr icon in the tray notification area?

I've already checked "Do not show icon in system tray when minimized" but it still appears when
farr is invoked by a keyboard shortcut.


is there any way to use the current text as a web search phrase if no result was found?

Of course without any additional modifiers or by putting something like search in front.

I've used launchy for a long time and I'm used to this feature that you can type in anything
and as long it's not a valid search result it will open the phrase in the current web browser
by hitting enter at the end of the line ;)

Finished Programs / Re: wav player without any gui
« on: July 08, 2011, 01:47 AM »
Hi and sorry for the delay (it was time for sleep here in good old germany) ;)

Also, to the original poster, is there any reason for the /exit switch?  I mean, it would make more sense to automatically close the app after playing a file but use a /keep switch to keep it running, no?  Otherwise, simply dropping wav files on the exe will lead to several hanging instances.

You're right skwire, it would make more sense to close the process automatically and only keep it active when a "/keep" option was provided.

I've just tested it under Win7 X64 and it worked fine without any errors :)

Can you provide the sourcecode (after the change for the command line option), please? Seems you did it via autohotkey and so it would be easier to give it a better fitting icon *g*

About renaming it: I wouldn't call it "Escape" otherwise people will have a hard time to find this thread in a search engine when they're in need of such a miniplayer :)

P.S.: I'm on a birthday today so I can't follow this thread again until tomorrow afternoon (regarding further tests).

Regards and thanks a lot,

Finished Programs / DONE: wav player without any gui
« on: July 07, 2011, 05:25 PM »

I'm desperately looking for a simple .wav player that doesn't have any gui at all.

It should have the following features:

- Can be invoked via a e.g. dos prompt (e.g. wavplayer.exe <file> [option])
option = /exit (quit the player after playing the file)
- Works under x86 _and_ x64 systems (WinXP - Win7)
- Portable, configuration files should not be needed

I've used microwav before I switched to Win 7 x64 which worked fine under any x86 environment but fails under x64.


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