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General Software Discussion / chrome won't play mp4 files anymore
« on: November 21, 2012, 11:23 PM »
Not sure when it started, but for some reason on my primary computer (win 7 x64), chrome will no longer play mp4 files. There is times where it will play an mp4 file, but only audio plays, no video. It used to play them just fine. My Home theater PC (also win 7 x64) has chrome installed (same version as my primary pc, with same profile logged in), and it plays them just fine. I know that it isn't a conflict with my extensions, because both computers have the exact same extensions installed, and I have also tried disabling all of them with no success. I have tried playing mp4 files in IE10, and Firefox. Firefox plays them using quicktime, but the video is kind of laggy, and IE just sits there and pretends to be loading a webpage, but never does anything else.

I use StartupManager.  There was some dustup over OpenCandy, but as they release a portable version and the source, I never dealt with that problem.  With the portable one you just extract and run.
so much better looking than what I ran across!

I think I am just going to do it manually. I ran across a program that reads what runs at startup, and I'm just manually adding a shortcut to a folder, and then going to the program and telling it to not run at startup. I think I might prefer this method anyways, I have more control over what happens.

Keeping a folder of shortcuts to your startup items is handy.
Not only if you want to start them manually but also to check to see if they are all running.
Sometimes I forget what I have enabled to run at startup.
Thats actually not a bad idea. Is there a program that can read what runs a startup, and add a shortcut to a folder, and then remove it from startup?

I want it to manually start each one when I click on it in the list

Basically what I want is a program kind of like a startup delayer, but instead of just delaying everything by a set time, I would like this program to be the only thing to run at startup, and it would show a list of everything that would normally run at startup, and then allow me to manually run the program. (in which case it would then move it from the unstarted list to the started list or something like that) Of course, I would like all of windows' junk to startup automatically.

Is there a program that exists to do this?

General Software Discussion / Re: advanced paste program
« on: October 28, 2012, 09:32 AM »
On my copy of windows 7, it warns me that there is already a folder with the same name. It then says if there are any files in there with the same name it will ask if I want to replace those files. By replace, what it actually means though is it will ask if I want to replace the file, or leave both files and add (1) to the end of the new file, or skip that file.

Back in windows xp, the only option was to either replace the duplicate file, or skip that file and the rest of the files.

As far as I know, there has never been a windows OS that would simply delete all the files in a destination folder with the same name as the source folder before copying the new files to it.

Living Room / Re: Self-Portrait Camera - Casio EX-TR150
« on: September 21, 2012, 11:34 PM »
I could see this being useful for vlogers.

Living Room / Re: In Search Of Good Web Based RSS Reader
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:58 AM »
I guess it isn't that big of a deal. I'm just glad the auto mark as read feature has been fixed. :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: In Search Of Good Web Based RSS Reader
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:47 AM »
Turn off the "In expanded view, mark items as read when you scroll past them." option in google reader.

 :o That must be a relatively new feature. It was not there when I abandoned google reader for netvibes.
I might have to switch back to google reader.
I guess then the only question I have left then is I heard that google reader automatically marks an item as read if it is older than 30 days, Does it still do this? (I guess it isn't too bad if it does, I'll just have to read my items faster.)

Living Room / In Search Of Good Web Based RSS Reader
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:00 AM »
For the longest time I have been using Google Reader as my RSS reader. While I kind of like it, I don't like how it auto marks things as read as I scroll through them.
Recently I switched to netvibes, because it requires you to click on the feed item to mark it as read. I really enjoy it, but it randomly marks items as unread, sometimes multiple times.

So what I am looking for is a good RSS reader that is web based so that I don't have to download anything and can for example go over to my friend's house and read/watch some of the items.
It has to be able to mark items as read/unread (I have ran across a few web readers that don't have this option.)
It shouldn't randomly make read items unread again (I'm talking about you netvibes!)
It would be nice if it would have nice organization features, or at least not implode on itself if I have TONS of feed that each have TONS of unread items (I use rss to keep track of all my youtube subs since the homepage is utter crap, and some of the youtubers I am subscribed to upload several videos every day, and I don't watch all of them each day.)
Don't go out of your way for this feature, but it would also be nice if there were either a bookmarklet/extension for chrome that would let me add new feeds.

If there is a better alternative to rss (and Youtube's terrible homepage) feel free to include that too.

Living Room / Re: Typing Speed Competition!
« on: August 05, 2012, 05:38 PM »
This is what it would look like if someone used a macro to cheat.
My real score is 51WPM

General Software Discussion / Re: Immersive Explorer: Oh God why?
« on: August 01, 2012, 01:33 PM »
Just tested it out. (and by tested it out, I download it and ran it for about a minute or two, and messed with a few folders and some pictures.) My overall impression of it was meh... It's kind of cool to look at, but the regular windows explorer is perfectly fine for me.

General Software Discussion / Re: Launchy portables alternatives
« on: July 26, 2012, 12:49 AM »
Ironically, I was using launchy, but for some reason, the hotkey I set for it would randomly stop working, so I just switched to FARR. Not sure why I didn't use it in the first place back when I chose launchy...

 :-* Amazing! DO WANT!

The file was never originality saved on my computer though. It was basically a fresh image from Photoshop.

I actually have a picture on my computer that is the exact opposite. It was a black and white photo, and if I remember right, the exact steps I took were, 1. right click on the image in my browser and click copy, 2. paste into Photoshop and colorize it, and 3. save the image. Now the thumbnail in windows explorer is black and white, while the actual image is in color. I have never had this happen any other time.

(on a side note, your computer spells October weird. I'm from America, and only speak english, so if it is a foreign thing, that would explain it.)

It would be funny to make a linux box look as close a possible to a windows distro, and give them access to that, and see what happens from there... ;)

Living Room / Re: DonationCoder Poker Tournament is Scheduled!
« on: July 09, 2012, 04:22 AM »
I used to be pretty good at poker. Not so much anymore, but I still enjoy playing it. If we can get enough people, Im in.

General Software Discussion / Re: Unity Desktop (Ubuntu)
« on: July 05, 2012, 07:27 AM »
Just jumping into unity without any documentation, and knowing that in older versions of ubuntu, pressing the super key did nothing, he probably didn't know that you could push it to open the "start menu." I don't like unity either. Thats why I installed the kde desktop on top of ubuntu (can't remember why, but there is a reason I'm not using the physical kubuntu distro.)

Cool that you have a fix that doesn't require another package :)
kind of a good thing too, because I can't find that package on my server. (trying to type apt-get install says it can't find it, and it isn't installed either.)

One thing to try is to send an Email to an invalid address to see what your mail servers NDRs are supposed to look like. As it's entirely possible (they won't match) that the mail is getting (bank shotted) bounced a few times before it gets to you.
I use google apps for my mail server.

I think I will setup a spf record for my domain name. Hopefully that will help a little in some way.

edit:well it appears I already have an spf record setup. (I don't manage the dns for my domain, someone else does. They may have set it up.)
I also decided that I will just disable my catchall setting on my google apps account, and actually create email aliases instead of using the catchall as an alias.

I actually found a different fix that works. I needed to add the dns servers to the etc/network/interfaces file, and that seems to update the resolv.conf file everytime I reboot the server.

I have a computer setup running ubuntu server 12.04, with a static ip, and every time I reboot it, it loses it's ability to do dns lookups. The only way I can fix this is by changing the etc/resolv.conf file and adding custom dns servers to it. Though as stated earlier, upon reboot, this file reverts to default, and my server can no longer do dns lookups. I've googled, and found one fix that said to do some chattr command, but that just gives me the error "chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on resolv.conf". There was also another fix that said to add the dns servers to a file in the folder etc/dhcp3. The problem with that fix is, that folder doesn't even exist. Is there some place else that I can add custom dns servers that will persist between reboots.

Exact commands would be very helpful, because I am still a linux newb, and am still learning the terminal.

I've setup a gmail label in my account, so new whenever I see one of the return to sender emails, I just add it to the label so that later I can go back and examine it.

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