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Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: September 08, 2007, 02:45 AM »
I have been thinking lately how to improve the usable space in SkyIDE. This is what I have up with so far. You can also see some new features in this screen shot. I just need to automate the process. That button on the middle is just a test button. It is part of the child form and it contains the follwing code:
   frmMDI->pnIBar->Parent = this;
   frmMDI->pnIBar->Align = alBottom;

As you can see, the big bar on the bottom is relocated from the MDI form to the current active child form. I have forgotten to move the splitter bar however. Yet, they are still part of frmMDI :) Amazing isn't it? I should have done this a long time ago.

You can also see the new "Execute Commands" tab and also how I have grouped all the compiling related sections into one tab.

Hmmm I am not very good with resolving such errors. In my case most of the problems were caused by inclusion of the *DB* entries.

Another one you can try is Synedit

Keep in mind, my example works on BCB 6 using the BCB packages. You may want to post a message on their forums. I have never dealt with Delphi before but one thing I could say, Jan (the TScintilla author) is a TOP NOTCH programmer.

You are welcome :)

Adding tabs can be very tricky and yet very easy. The way SkyIDE implements drag & drop tabs, I'd rather not mention how long it took me to make it work. I mean, the base is very simple but let me put it this way: things are not always what they seem :D The drag cursor is just an illusion :D Here is a tip, I don't use the PageControl. Instead, I use the TabControl and make it look like it contains the TScintilla controls when infact contains absolutely nothing. You have to program it how to react when a tab is clicked, activate the TabControl->Index[ed] MDIChild and because MDIChildren acts very funny, I created my own array that holds the addresses of the MDIChildren....Then when "dragging", you have to relocate the addresses stored in the custom defined TForm array so that the new tab at the specified index/drag dropped index points to the right array element. Also, when closing an MDI child, again, you have to NULL the index in the array specified by the active tab index and then you need to make the array index point to NULL and then move them all by one element etc etc etc....It took me a LOT of time. You will run into a lot of unexpected behaviour, access violations etc etc...

BCB Tutorials? Just go to Google and type "Borland C++ Builder Tutorial". Really, you will learn a lot by experimenting and reading the Help manual of C++ Builder 6. It has many nice examples.

Experimenting is the most fun-filled part.

Hehe no problems, you don't have to call me "SkyIDE" :)

Sash is my name....but up to you :)

Hi arunpawar :)

The install instructions are in a file called "INSTALL" in the delphisci-0.23 folder. It's a plain ASCII file so you can open it with notepad.

If you have C++ Builder 2006, current implementation of TScintilla is not quite compatible with it but the author is working on it.

Here is how I install it on C++Builder 6.0

First, unpack SciLexer.DLL and drop it in System32.

1. Go to delphisci-0.23/C6 Packages
2. Double click on scit.bpk
3. On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, press Compile
4. Exit BCB and when it asks you to save the changes, say Yes


1. Double click on DScit.bpk
2 On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, press Compile
3. Press Install

All done! The controls will appear on the toolbox. The new tab that it will appear is labelled "Scintilla"

*IF* you have only BCB 6 Personal, do the following before you do any of the above steps

On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, remove ALL entries that have DB on the beginning or the end of the label.

I hope this helps.

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