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N.A.N.Y. 2010 / NANY 2010 Pre-Release: Multiboot ISO Maker Alpha 7
« on: October 31, 2009, 03:39 PM »
NANY 2010 Entry Information

Application NameMultiboot ISO Maker
Version 1.0 Alpha 7
Short DescriptionMultiboot ISO Maker (freeware) is an unrestrained graphical front end for mkisofs for Windows and a multiboot ISO creator. It supports all mkisofs options and it is aimed at people who know what mkisofs is and what is not. It is unrestrained because it supports all mkisofs options without any limits and you are not restrained to the bundled version of mkisofs. Multiboot ISO Maker works by placing all mkisofs options in a check list. You can activate and deactivate any mkisofs option by clicking on the item in the list.
Supported OSes Windows
Web Page A link to the Application Web Page
Download Link
System Requirements
  • A list of
  • System Requirments
Version History
  • None Yet
Author SkyIDE

  • Activate/Deactivate MKISOFS options via an easy to use grid table with check boxes
  • Shows/Hides activated options by highlighting them
  • On the fly filter/search for options (search as you type)
  • Shows/hides activates options in a check-list box
  • Easy change project settings after creation
  • Run Macros/Scripts (a sample script included)


MultiBoot ISO alpha7-01.png

Using the Application
Always, always back up your boot loader config file before using this alpha release. A few days back, I lost (blanked it out) my main GRUb4DOS configuration file (menu.lst) due to a bug. The error is now fixed but still, just make a back up copy.

Please do not replace the bundled mkisofs.exe yet. Although it is possible, there are a few gothchas and should there be an error, it would be hard to track down if you replace the bundeled version. For now, for testing purposes please use the one included and then I will give clear instructions how to replace mkisofs.exe with you rown version and what you need to do.

Known Issues
Please understand that this is an alpha release and although while testing this latest version, I did not find any errors, no software is error free. If you find something wrong, chances are it was not done intentionally.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:12 AM »
I have released Alpha 4:

Added support for Haskell files and the GHC compiler (Experimental);
Redesigned the File Properties Dialog;
Redesigned the Compiler Profiles Dialog;
Added quick access popup menus for SkyIDE variables when building command strings;
Many bug fixes, project icons, variables, compiling etc.

Here is how the new File Properties dialog looks like along with the quick access popup menu to the SkyIDE variables:


Next I want to support Qt and MinGW and possibly integrate Qt designer but first I will have to learn how to use it :D
It's been a long time since my Qt days...(KDE 1.3), back then I built the entrie GUI from code only.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:03 AM »
I just released Alpha 3b. I had a silly error in the Project Options dialog associated with the Compilation Type combo box. It was always being set to “Separate” regardless what you did.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: November 17, 2008, 12:47 AM »

One of my friends requested Python too. I can do that but I will only support the interpreter itself. You will still need to set the spacing/tabs in the file yourself as there won't be auto-python-indentation at this time.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: November 16, 2008, 04:56 AM »
Hi Everyone,

First I want to apologize for stopped keeping you up to date. There is only one reason for that. I felt bad; it started looking more like a spam or running a blog. So I decided to stop bumping up the thread to the top until I have something descent to show you and eliminate major bugs. Well, I think I *do* have something descent to show now.

SkyIDE 2.0 Alpha 3 has been released

Key features and official GUI can be seen here:
Download from:

P.S. SkyIDE supports variables and it is the only way to compile your projects and files. In Alpha 4, instead of remembering the variables, I will add a popup menu that will let you insert them. You can also use environment variables.

** If anyone has any questions or gets lost, please let me know!! I will explain. It can get a bit tricky. Now that I support variables, I can implement a SkyIDE command shell too. I have so many plans.... *** Things may seem complicated but really they are not once you realise how it all works. It's very flexible.

P.S. My next compiler on the list of supported compilers is a Haskell compiler.

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