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Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: April 26, 2008, 05:02 PM »
:) Thanks guys :) Thank you for your appreciation and understanding. Not just that, but lately I am a lot busier (in a good way) than what I used to be in the past.

I've done Java before and I think Java is a *very* attractive language. There isn't one thing that I don't like about Java. I reckon it's really a great language. As far as MS vs Borland...I reckon Borland has world's greatest developer tools. Borland is a great company. Great customer service, great help and great people. They always help you. They even called me, returned my call when I first started dealing with BCB. I knew from the start it's a great company. Whenever I actioned a service request, they *always* replied, they always helped. Also what I like about BCB is the ease of use. Everything is made easy. You can pick up the VCL in a matter of minutes (considering you are familiar with C++ and OOP). I love the VCL concept of implementing things. Don't get me wrong, I am sure Visual Studio is a great tool  but personally I am not used to it.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: April 25, 2008, 12:10 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am very sorry I haven't released a new version of this software. I used SkyIDE very often and the more I used it, the more bugs I found. In fact, even the ones that were supposed to be fixed, somehow re-emerged. These bugs are especially visible with the object viewer. Believe me, I've tried a lot of different ways of sorting these things and everytime I thought things were sorted out, something else came up. In fact, I got so frustrated, I decided to get my hands of it for a while. I knew what I was doing isn't the right way of implementing things. My intention now is to re-write the whole thing using different methods.

I made a common mistake. Instead of focusing and fixing errors, I kept on adding more features and that created more errors.

I would like to show you some of the inner operation of SkyIDE.

First I would like to get rid of the MDI while maintaining the tabs. This is because opening a new form for each new document slow the whole IDE. Instead of opening a new form with Scintilla in it, I would simply create a new TScintilla object and store its address into an array. So instead of using my own array to manipulate multiple forms, I will be using the same array to manipulate TScintilla objects instead. This will make the IDE much faster when opening 10+ documents. I compared opening about 10 docs with SkyIDE and the same ones with NoteTab Light and NoteTab blew SkyIDE away in speed an I got very disappointed. So this is another thing that triggered me to pull the plug of SkyIDE for now.

Second, you know, when you open a new document, you know how you have the side bar on the left? Well it looked like if the side bar was part of the new child form. In reality, it was only one sidebar that resided on the main MDI form and all I did is set its parent to be the child form. Later on this gave me a lot of problems when closing all forms so I decided to actually, put the side bar on the child form. This made SkyIDE even slower. Because each time a new form got created, a new side bar would have been created as well so this slowed things down and consumed more memory.

Thirdly, the multi view, creating documents on the fly. There is a bug with this and I spent a lot of time searching (while not knowing what to search for) and I found nothing. If you grab the splitter of the new document and try moving it up down a few times, "somehow" intermittently it will join with the second new view and it gets messed up. I could not fix this. So there is another reason I got let down....

Fourth, the class viewer and object viewer on the side bars, are full of bugs, they don't alawys operate correctly. I believe the initial versions worked fine but after I added the classs viewer things messed up

I was continuing development with BCB 6 instead of 2006 -- as a version of TScintilla was not available at the time for BCB 2006. I don't know about now.

So what is the future? I want to re-write the whole thing with BCB 2006. If a version of TScintilla is available for this version of BCB I will go with it otherwise, I will have to look for somethning else even a commercial tool.

I am waiting for a new Trinity release before I finalise this CD. There is a small show stopper with Trinity which I am unable to fix automatically although it can be fixed once it starts if you know what you are doing but I'd rather have it working "out of the box". The author replied to me and said he will fix the problem and the issue is in his todo list for the next beta. Once this is finalised, I intend to release the ISO. Currently I am just experimenting.

Hmm I looked at as pointed out by mediaguycouk, it seems like there isn't an official one, there are just references to it as a generic form but then...I only looked at the first page. I like this one but we'll see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, it took me ages to come up with SkyIDE - something which is not taken. Google back then returned only two pages, some foreign URLS and something else to do with a "New York" "skyide". Those suggestions are great and yes, removing the word "CD" will justify a move breaking the 700MB limit. Unfortunately (for me) some of those names are in use but turns out "Multi Rescue System" is free and it sounds good when abbreviated the "MRS" as long as you don't spell it as "Mrs" haha :)

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