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Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE Alpha 5 - Public Download is available
« on: September 03, 2006, 04:39 AM »
Yes it is, I like your idea, I don't think that should be a problem. I will do it in Alpha 7 as I just uploaded Alpha 6.

I had a few problems with Convert Tabs Into spaces. I am very sorry about it. The feature is not implemented at the moment but it is greyed out in the tools menu. The problem is, if your document is big with a lot of tabs, it would take a large amount of time to do the conversion. I used the most efficient code possible I know but still takes time. Looks like I will have to change the way the editor handles tabs in order to do it automatically.

I can easily detect when the user presses the tab key and when he does, I can just delete the char and start inserting spaces until the TabWidth property is read for *that* document type. That would be a better day of doing it.

Many many changes in Alpha 6. I have been working on it for most of the day today and yesterday.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE Alpha 5 - Public Download is available
« on: September 02, 2006, 10:34 AM »

ADDED: Full Java Support (this turned out to be trickier then what I expected but it finally works flawlessly). I spent a lot of time....mainly with fixing up the "CLASSPATH" programatically for a local session only....

Most IDEs for Java out there are written in Java, now you have an alternative :)
A Fast loading Java IDE written in C++.

ADDED: When you create a new project now, SkyIDE auto generates a separate dir for the project and all project files including the project's .exe file will be placed in that dir when compiling.

For example, if you set C:\MyDocs\CPPProj.sprj as a project filename,  when you press "Create", SkyIDE will auto-generate the C:\MyDocs\CPPProj folder and will save CPPProj.sprj in there along with all the associated files. Then when you compile the project, the executable will be saved in that folder.

This makes it easy to quickly copy the project with all the files in that folder and move it somewhere else....

ADDED: New GUI, also had to spend a lot of time with adopting the code to utilize the new style toolbars....

and a few bug fixes, minor ones found in Alpha 5.

Currently working on: Implementing "Convert Tabs Into Spaces" feature

Alpha 7: I intend to re-design the Create New Project Dialog and add checkboxes with all compiler flags available for that compiler. I will have to look at this deeply....May be I will do it in a later Alpha/beta.....

Wow So many replies :) Thanks guys!

Now *that's* what I am talking about. Really thank you :)

Everyone's is favoring the new one including me. It provides the same functionality just less clutter. I will proceed with the new one. I intend to make Alpha 6 available by the weekend end with full Java support.

Please help me make a decision about which GUI layout I should go for, continue development.

Current GUI:

New One:

I think, the new one is better because I intend to add more toolbars like, HTML toolbar utilities, JavaScript Toolbar, PHP etc etc and if I keep the current one, more and more toolbars will just keep on being added one on top of the other and eventually space may run out. If I proceed with the new one, I can just keep on adding tabs and place each toolbar there. Screen space will be preserved.

Thanks :) Java support should be finished in 24hrs. Really, it should only take me 1 hour to add this but I am just taking a small break. Also, Convert Tabs Into Spaces will be added. At the moment, it will be as a Tool under the tools menu. It will scan you document and do the conversion. I expect Alpha 6 with the new features by the end of the week, possibly earlier. That will make the program support a total of 3 compilers, Java, Borland C++, and GNU C++. Once this is done I will look into supporting Digital Mars and others....Although, SkyIDE is a multi-language IDE, I mostly focus on supporting hard core languages such as C++, Java. Once I have achieved this, I will try to continue further development on HTML features etc to macth other IDEs. The good thing for Java is, if you want to use something powerful but simple to use to compile Java programs, SkyIDE should be fine. Just select compile and it would work as expected, the output will be captured and manipulated.

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