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Thanks for that mouser! :) I am glad you like the changes :)

I will start new thread for each update now. I hesitated whether to do that. I wasn't sure which way would people prefer but thanks for clarifying it :) I will re-post the update as a new thread now :)

And I just figured out something really good. I can confidently confirm now that Convert Tabs into Spaces when the tab key is pressed will be available in Alpha 7. It would be extremely easy to implement.

SkyIDE - Pre-Alpha  7 is available. Alpha 7 should be available by week end.

New Changes for Pre-Alpha 7:

Changed project directory structure:

For C++:  myproject/src for .cpp and .c files
              myproject/include for .hpp and .h files
              myproject/bin for .exe files files
For Java: myproject/src for .java files
             myproject/bin for .class files

Completely re-dedesigned the C++ new project dialog. Now you have check boxes to select/de-select compiler parameters for the selected C++ compiler.

Comming up in Alpha 7 is re-designing the Java New Project dialog to make it work like the C++ one and adding convert spaces to tabs support. Should be released by the end of the week.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE Alpha 5 - Public Download is available
« on: September 04, 2006, 05:47 AM »
Is it possible to still keep a project directory structure with this?
(eg, keep sourcefiles in myProject/src, headers in myProject/include, and binaries in myProject/bin)

I am happy to inform you that I just implemented it :) For C++ and Java projects that is.

For C++: myproject/src for .cpp and .c
             myproject/include for .hpp and .h
             myproject/bin for .exe files

For Java: myproject/src for .java files
             myproject/bin for .class files

So that is done :) Now focusing on Create New Project dialog about the suggestion you mentioned earlier and then I will look into the tab-space issue again :)

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE Alpha 5 - Public Download is available
« on: September 04, 2006, 03:08 AM »
Yes, the idea is that the tab keypress is detected and spaces are inserted instead.
On top of that there could be a source-code formatting button that you can click to convert the whole document when you want to. (as opposed to real-time)

Alpha 7 will have big changes, even bigger then Alpha 6. I intend to re-design the Create New Project dialog and add those options to the compiler where you can put a tick in a check box for a parameter to be used, also add dir structures in the project folder as you suggested and try to modify the tab key. I cannot promise I will be successful about the tab key but I will try. The other two features should be no problem. I will start with the easiest ones. Feel free to check out Alpha 6 :)

Developer's Corner / SkyIDE Alpha 6 - Uploaded. Many changes/additions
« on: September 03, 2006, 04:59 AM »
Download from:

Well, I have just uploaded Alpha 6.

Thanks to everyone for all the ideas . I actually do listen to your ideas and I do as much as I can to implement them.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on Alpha 6.
The source code in Alpha 5 is now very old. Please download Alpha 6 (whenever you can/feel like)

Here are the changes:

ADDED: Full Java Support

ADDED: When you create a new project now, SkyIDE auto generates a separate dir for the project and all project files including the project's .exe file will be placed in that dir when compiling.

Added: New GUI Layout

Added: Java menu to compile Java files.

Modified: Moved "Compile Project" from the C++/Compile menu  to the Project menu where it belongs

Added: Compile Project in the right click menu of the project explorer. Now, to compile a project all you need to do is right click a project file and select "Compile Project" and the project starts to be compiled.

Added: Add Java Source File in the right click menu from the project explorer

Modifed: Add C+ Source File / Add C++ Header  File, now when you select this option, a new c++ source/header file automatically gets added to the project directory of where the project file resides thanks to the new way SkyIDE handles the projects. All you need to do is type in a filename for the new C++ file.

Fixed a few minor bugs with the compiler outputs (the GNU C++ one)

Added: Set as Main File to the right click popup menu in the project explorer has been added.

Modified: A few icons have been removed because they were too similar so it was hard to distinguish between options. Yep, I found some more annoyncences like that :)

To compile a C++ file only (not a project) just go to C++->Compile File

The default compiler will be used...or just selected Compile With GNU or Compile with Borland...

To compile a Java file only (not a project) just go to Java->Compile File

To change a project compiler, right click on a project file and select "Set Project Options" I personally love this. One minute your project is a GNU C++ project and the next minute it is a Borland C++ project. Very easy to change! Very convinient in my opinion. It is almost magical and when your press F9 to compile the file only, the right compiler is called or when you press F12 to compile the selected project, again the right compiler gets called.

All in total: support for 3 compilers, Borland, GNU and Java. More on the way :) Also, existing features will be improved and more added.

Also, fixed up a bug in the right click menu of the project explorer. Sometimes when you right clicked, an inappropriate/appropriate options would be enabled/disabled for the selected project. A silly error.....fixed.

Many features have been added and large sections of source code have been changed. Please test with caution, Thanks!

Screenshot of the new right click menu:
Screenshot of line tracker for people that don't know what it is:

The line tracker also shows the text of the line where the caret is

Download from:

Gothi(c), regarding the directory structure you suggested, that should be no problem and I can confidently say and confirm this.

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