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Talking about UBCD, the only thing different between the original and my version is the look of the menu. I simply modified its template to make it look consistant with the rest of the CD + I added a "Level Up" command so users can go back to the root of the CD in case they select UBCD by accident. demonstrates this.

Hey trhanks for that! I already notified asked the developers of Parted Magic and System Rescue CD and they are fine with it. I notfied Trinity's author and he didn't raise a concern. I don't think Clonzilla or GParted will be a problem but I think I will have to notify them too. UBCD, yes, I will have to let them know.

Beermatt, you are right. The reason I included them on the root menu of the CD is so you can have a more direct access to these great utilities *and* it makes my menu bigger :D Once I find replacements for them in the upcoming betas, I might remove them as you already mentioned they are included with UBCD.

Tekzel :) I am well aware I have been mentioning this for quite some time now. I had to wait for Trinity author's to release a new version of TRK. There was a problem with the boot volume with the older release of TRK and it was unable to boot when you do a multiboot CD. He kindly fixed the problem so a big thanks goes to him.

I don't know why I even asked this when it's all open source....I am waiting for an approval from

Hi there,

Well, as you may already know I recently announced a multi-boot multi rescue CD:

I'd like to let you know that the CD has been completed and Beta 1 is ready to be released. These are the distros I have included:

System Rescue CD
Trinity Rescue Kit
Parted Magic
Ultimate Boot CD for DOS
NT Offline Password Recovery
GAG boot Manager
Darik's Boot & Nuke

You are presented with a multiboot menu that lets you launch these operating systems (one per session of course). My question/fear is this. As far as I am aware all of these are all 100% open source GPLed distros especially the Linux ones. Is there anything that I should be aware off before releasing this to the wild? Any copyright trademarks that belong to companies? There is no source code to include, it's all in configuration files. The closest thing to a source code I can include is the batch file which consists of the following command:

mkisofs -o livecd.iso -r -J -l -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ -V TechCD -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table .

mkisofs.exe will also be included in the ISO. So this means, if you extract the ISO and you run the BuildISO.bat batch file, the ISO will be recreated because the "source" is that as well as the config files inside the dir's file structure in iso_root/gui and iso_root/isolinux.

Newest and best screenshot here:

P.S. mouser, this has already been announced, I wasn't sure where to post my topic so I apologize if I ended up in the wrong forum.

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myarmor, I just saw your reply. Thank you for taking your time to register and post this knowledgeable and very appreciative reply!

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