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Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: September 08, 2007, 02:45 AM »
I have been thinking lately how to improve the usable space in SkyIDE. This is what I have up with so far. You can also see some new features in this screen shot. I just need to automate the process. That button on the middle is just a test button. It is part of the child form and it contains the follwing code:
   frmMDI->pnIBar->Parent = this;
   frmMDI->pnIBar->Align = alBottom;

As you can see, the big bar on the bottom is relocated from the MDI form to the current active child form. I have forgotten to move the splitter bar however. Yet, they are still part of frmMDI :) Amazing isn't it? I should have done this a long time ago.

You can also see the new "Execute Commands" tab and also how I have grouped all the compiling related sections into one tab.

Hmmm I am not very good with resolving such errors. In my case most of the problems were caused by inclusion of the *DB* entries.

Another one you can try is Synedit

Keep in mind, my example works on BCB 6 using the BCB packages. You may want to post a message on their forums. I have never dealt with Delphi before but one thing I could say, Jan (the TScintilla author) is a TOP NOTCH programmer.

You are welcome :)

Adding tabs can be very tricky and yet very easy. The way SkyIDE implements drag & drop tabs, I'd rather not mention how long it took me to make it work. I mean, the base is very simple but let me put it this way: things are not always what they seem :D The drag cursor is just an illusion :D Here is a tip, I don't use the PageControl. Instead, I use the TabControl and make it look like it contains the TScintilla controls when infact contains absolutely nothing. You have to program it how to react when a tab is clicked, activate the TabControl->Index[ed] MDIChild and because MDIChildren acts very funny, I created my own array that holds the addresses of the MDIChildren....Then when "dragging", you have to relocate the addresses stored in the custom defined TForm array so that the new tab at the specified index/drag dropped index points to the right array element. Also, when closing an MDI child, again, you have to NULL the index in the array specified by the active tab index and then you need to make the array index point to NULL and then move them all by one element etc etc etc....It took me a LOT of time. You will run into a lot of unexpected behaviour, access violations etc etc...

BCB Tutorials? Just go to Google and type "Borland C++ Builder Tutorial". Really, you will learn a lot by experimenting and reading the Help manual of C++ Builder 6. It has many nice examples.

Experimenting is the most fun-filled part.

Hehe no problems, you don't have to call me "SkyIDE" :)

Sash is my name....but up to you :)

Hi arunpawar :)

The install instructions are in a file called "INSTALL" in the delphisci-0.23 folder. It's a plain ASCII file so you can open it with notepad.

If you have C++ Builder 2006, current implementation of TScintilla is not quite compatible with it but the author is working on it.

Here is how I install it on C++Builder 6.0

First, unpack SciLexer.DLL and drop it in System32.

1. Go to delphisci-0.23/C6 Packages
2. Double click on scit.bpk
3. On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, press Compile
4. Exit BCB and when it asks you to save the changes, say Yes


1. Double click on DScit.bpk
2 On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, press Compile
3. Press Install

All done! The controls will appear on the toolbox. The new tab that it will appear is labelled "Scintilla"

*IF* you have only BCB 6 Personal, do the following before you do any of the above steps

On the window labelled "package" - the one that appears on the middle of the screen, remove ALL entries that have DB on the beginning or the end of the label.

I hope this helps.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: August 08, 2007, 06:41 AM »
I try to support as much as I can and as much as my free time allows me.

Here is more on the Compiling Rules feature.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: July 30, 2007, 06:19 AM »
Well, I have resumed the development of SkyIDE. I have gone through a lot of stress in the last few weeks. SkyIDE was the last thing I was thinking of.

I have restored and it points to

Here is a brand new feature that I recently started. (By the way, the new project with the toolbar I started is no longer being worked on, I think I should open source that one but there isn't much done). Anyway...

At first I thought I'd get SkyIDE to create a SRLS file for each source file in the same dir as the source file so myfile.cpp and myfile.cpp.srls but then I thought it would be more organized if you have a Rules directory and have the SRLS files dumped in there.

I think this feature is "extra" cool. It has the coolness effect.
This option would give the user 100% control of the compilation process for each source file! Yes, each source file can be compiled differently with different parameters and all the user has to do is set "Compile Each File in a Separate Process" and select Compile!
Because each file in the project directory is automatically part of the project, it's a bit complicated to read entire project's tree and create one main file where it would have the rules settings for each file in the project. Not just that, but it would also be complicated to the user. So, the way I've done it is very easy to be understood by the user and easier for the program designer to manage (me in this case).
NewFile.cpp -> \Rules\NewFile.cpp.srls
NewFile2.cpp -> \Rules\NewFile2.cpp.srls

Regarding the Google Search thing.

Recently, an application came out of no where that implements something similar but it is global and much more flexible and advanced. I had similar ideas to what this program does. I want to assure you my idea was my idea and at the time of implementing my idea, I was not aware of this new program and I am not sure if it existed then.

I also want to assure you Google has nothing to do with this feature as the default engine preference was chosen by me. I am not using their DLL so no violations...

Thanks guys,

Yes, SkyIDE supports VB.NET's VBC.EXE but someone requested if I can also add support for VB Express just like I did for VC++ Express. VBC.EXE is installed by the .NET framework as you have already mentioned and I have implemented support for it already. I am not sure if VB Express is using the same one but yes, I will check things out with a process explorer. Thanks for the tip!

Hi everyone

I have taken a bit of a break from SkyIDE but I am getting back into it.

I just installed VisualBasic Express edition. I am having trouble locating the VisualBasic Express compiler. Where abouts is the VisualBasic Express compiler located? Do not confuse this with VB.NET's vbc.exe. This is VisualBasic Express, part of the Visual Studio Express package.


The Visual C++ Express compiler is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin, file name cl.exe however in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VB\bin there aren't any compilers.

Developer's Corner / Re: Announcing a New Project
« on: July 01, 2007, 01:03 AM »
Thanks Joto, I checked out Wink, looks like a good program! I think Flash tutorials will be a good idea to demonstrate how to use SkyIDE instead of writing it all up.

Developer's Corner / Re: Announcing a New Project
« on: June 28, 2007, 04:07 AM »
Thanks a lot a guys! I will post a download link soon. The toolbar at its present state doesn't do much but it does demonstrate its flexibility. Sorry for my later reply. I just got home from my work.

mouser: thanks for the SkyIDE encouragement :) Yes, it is pretty tough to compete against teams such as Code::Blocks. I can only try my best....and for some reason, I keep thinking I am not trying hard enough.

Also, yes, this toolbar is quite fun. It exposes me to APIs that I haven't dealt with before. So that's another reason to code it, learning, exploring new stuff. There is one section where I might stall as I don't have a clue how to implement it. I will have to Google around on that. I hope not to spend too much time on it.

Yes, I know what I said above, I am confident I can code it all but I might be able to code a work around :D

Developer's Corner / Re: Announcing a New Project
« on: June 27, 2007, 05:30 AM »
By the way, it sizes appropriately to the title bar's height and the buttons size appropriately too.

I will reveal the key features very soon, once I have them running :)

Developer's Corner / Announcing a New Project
« on: June 27, 2007, 04:57 AM »
I've started work on a brand new project.

Unlike the SkyIDE project, this one is aimed at ordinary desktop users.

It's a little toolbar similar to the MS Office 95 shortcut bar that fits into the title bar but mine will run on steroids -- it will be much more powerful. I believe it will have features not present in any other toolbar program and it will be very flexible.

Some features that I just completed:

Once fitted onto the titlebar, you have two little handles. Grab the left handle and the toolbar expands to the left. Grab the right handle (on the right edge) and it expands to the right. Press Ctrl and grab the right or left handle, the toolbar detaches itself off the titlebar and it is movable.

The rest of the features cannot be disclosed for now :D I have some big ideas and I am confident I can do it all :)

Is there any free screen recording app where I can record a video of what I do in a flash format? I want to show you how it behaves. It is really cool.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: June 25, 2007, 11:06 PM »
I am glad to inform you that Google Search has been successfully integrated into SkyIDE. This functionality is a pilot feature. The code I have implemented is so can even add your own search engine but I will do that later.

How does it work? Well there are two ways to search.

Method 1:

Move the caret where the search-word resides. E.g: ma|in() where | is the caret. Press F1, main() gets selected and the net will be searched via the default search engine (Google).

Method 2:

I will change Search With Google to "Search The Net" and the net will be searched with the default search engine.

May be I should add one that searches MSDN as well....

app103, thanks for that link.

I have many options on the table now :)

Thanks hamradio

A possible idea that should be possible is to make it to where you can enter the search engine(s) and have a special code like FARR does where the user can put at a specific place ($$1) and it will be replaced by the selected word???

Interesting concept. I will have to look into it.

Concernng the search, I know Google has a DLL but I was actually thinking of something else. Instead of using their copyrighted DLL, I will open up a browser window and manually input the search syntax in the address bar. E.g: word at carot is Microsoft, than you would insert

h t t p://w w

Selected word is "int"

h t t p :// w w w

Ignore the spaces

I can do the same for Yahoo etc...


I am about to implement an online help system into SkyIDE. This is how it will work.

E.g: Word at carot is "file". You press F2 and Google opens up searching for that word.
Another example: Word at carot is getline(), you press F2 and Google opens up searching for that word.

I wish there was some C++ help file in a Windows Help file format or in a HTML with JavaScript format which I can freely re-distribute. I would pass the selected word to the JavaScript engine to search for the keyword where it would bring up that page.

For now, I will use Google, if there is anything else I could use, let me know.

Later on I will provide an option for more search engine choices....

I hope I am not violating any rights?

Developer's Corner / Re: Here's Why You Shouldn't Program Alone
« on: June 22, 2007, 06:47 PM »
Well, considering this applies to me and many others out there, I can firmly say that having a second coder is not a bad idea. Two brains are better than one and having more than two people is better again. You would have to have some type of protocol that all members must follow and potential conflicts should be resolved that way.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: June 19, 2007, 03:09 AM »
SkyIDE Beta 14 has been released - Release Notes

This release of SkyIDE is huge. A lot of bug fixes and a lot of new features, changes and improvements have been implemented.

I had to postpone some of the features due to lack of time. Some of these features are the Linker Dialog which lets you link object files, the DLL compilation section and spreading the code into DLLs in order to improve overall speed. There are so many other features that I need to implement...

Here is what has been done for Beta 14

Added: Bakefile support is back! (I have big plans with this)
Added: Finalized support for VB.NET
Added: Support for Visual C++ Express 2005 v8.0
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars D
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars GNU C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars Openwatcom C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Borland C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for LCC-WIN32
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Visual C++ Express
Added: Multi-file compilation support for VISUAL C#
Added: Multi-file compilation support for VB.NET
Added: Multi-file compilation support for PASCAL
Added: Brand New Project Properties Dialog -- TreeView style
Added: Now you can include folders to the "include" path of Free Pascal
Added: Double clicking a project now opens up the project folder in Explorer
Added: Enhanced the Project's Folders popup menu
Added: Enhanced the Project's Files popup menu
Added: Enhanced the Project's popup menu
Added: "Set as Main File" to project file explorer pop up menu
Added: /target:<> setting in Change Project Options for .NET languages
Added: Force Dialog Filter Index On/Off Switch for Open/Save Dialogs

Bugfix: Changing Project Profiles sometimes didn't work
Bugfix: Serious bug fixes with the class viewer
Bugfix: Delete View->Save Changes->Cancel deleted the view anyway
Bugfix: Right Click Tab Bar->Set as Project Main file
BugFix: With adding multiple directories with some projects
BugFix: With VB.NET and C# formatted compiler output
BugFix: With Borland C++ formatted compiler output
BugFix: With LCC formatted compiler output
Bugfix: With SkyIDE->Project: Some options didn't work for a C# Project
Bugfix: With GNU C++ Project "libs" setting. SkyIDE produces invalid command
Bugfix: When compiling projects, the default project include directory was not passed to the compiler
Bugfix: In Select Project Dialog in project properties, "Show Root Folder" no longer throws an error
Bugfix: With "Change Project Options" settings with D and C# projects
Bugfix: With compiling: Sometimes if compilation failed, the old exe ran anyway
Bugfix: With the newly added C# and VB.NET Object Viewers (just forgot to add some code)
Bugfix: Some very minor bug fixes with the function viewer
Bugfix: (May be fixed) Multi Search and replace sometimes returned no matches after heavy usage
Bugfix: Free Pascal, Openwatcom and Borland C++ bug fixes with compiling files.
Bugfix: Many bug fixes with the section that shows "Errors:" and "Warnings" when compiling

Improvement: Much better and easier to use Compiler Profiles dialog.
Improvement: Text readability in "Compiler Output" -- Item Height Increased for easy ID
Improvement: Now the Open Dialog initial's dir is the one of the active file
Improvement: Relocated the Object Viewer to the bottom (it will be dockable soon)
Improvement: Redesigned the multi-file search and replace section
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Openwatcom C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Borland C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars D
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars GNU C++

Other: Removed limitations with adding dirs in "Compiler Profiles" dialog
Other: Re-wrote most of the Compiling() code in order to make things easier to manage
Other: Relocated "Undo Last Close" a few levels up in the menu

Ohh I see, I thought it was pure GPL, thanks :)

Oh I like the sound of that! Thanks Gothi[c] and yes I've heard of CodeBlocks but I have never used it. If I go with this, there will be a separate version of SkyIDE which will be 100% open source, well I don't think I will have a choice but anyway I support Open Source 100%. SkyIDE isn't open source for personal reasons.

I just finished setting up my newly restored hard disk image and I just installed BDS2006.

If TScintilla plays nice with this and depending how much it depends on Win32 API, I might be able to port SkyIDE on Linux otherwise there is QT Scintilla wrapper. I wonder if QT can be used in conjunction with wxWidgets?

Hmm they must be, the tool kit has wx in front of each widget.

This looks pretty cool! I might give it a spin.

Thanks for the heads-up mouser. It looks pretty amazing.

Developer's Corner / Re: SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: June 10, 2007, 08:10 AM »
Here is a new Project Properties Dialog: Tree View style, much more professional and less confusing


and improved one:

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