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Please help me make a decision about which GUI layout I should go for, continue development.

Current GUI:

New One:

I think, the new one is better because I intend to add more toolbars like, HTML toolbar utilities, JavaScript Toolbar, PHP etc etc and if I keep the current one, more and more toolbars will just keep on being added one on top of the other and eventually space may run out. If I proceed with the new one, I can just keep on adding tabs and place each toolbar there. Screen space will be preserved.

Developer's Corner / SkyIDE - Latest Release Information
« on: August 28, 2006, 06:55 AM »
Hello everyone,

A public version of SkyIDE is finally available for download. Thanks to everyone that accepted to test SkyIDE privately. I do appreciate it. This public version probably still contains undiscovered errors. Just let me know if you find some and I will try to fix it ASAP.

Some of the screenshots on the web site are a bit out of date.

Download from:

Please let me know what you think of SkyIDE. Please also understand I am the only one working on it. It's a one man band :)

Please provide feedback.


Developer's Corner / Please help me test my software - SkyIDE
« on: August 20, 2006, 09:35 AM »
Hi Everyone

I have completed about 95% of the work in SkyIDE

SkyIDE is an integrated development environment.

The screenshots you will see on the web site are now obsolete. A lot of things have changed.

I desparately need somebody who codes to test my software before I release a buggy public beta version.

However, I believe there aren't any more major bugs. I have spent most of this weekend fixing/adding stuff.

If anyone is interested in beta testing SkyIDE, please pm me or reply to this thread. Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

SkyIDE is a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other projects. SkyIDE stands for Sky Integrated Development Environment

Main Screenshot:
All Other screenshots:

Project URL:

Here is a brief overview of what SkyIDE can do.

* Update: Full Java Support added
* Multiple project support
* Multiple C++ compiler support
* Each project of type C++ can be set to use a different C++ compiler
* Tabbed document Interface implemented using MDI with drag-tab support
* You can have different projects open at the same time. You can have HTML,
*  C++, Java, PHP
* and JavaScript projects all open at the same time.
* Powerful text manipulation functions:
* You can extract JavaScript scripts from a file quickly and efficiently. You can
* also extract CSS styles too the same way you would extract JavaScript scripts.
* Easily chop a particular number of characters on the start or end of each line.
* Very useful if for example you have saved an IRC conversation and you want
* to get rid of the time stamps.
* SQL-like bar lets you get/delete text by using SQL-like commands.
* Easily numerate lines, convert text case, join lines, line selection, completition
* etc.
* Choose between Search as you type Search or the ordinary search. The Quick
* Find and the Search Bar highlights text as you type it in the search box (like
* Firefox)
* C++ Function bar lists all your functions / methods in the file.
* C++ File structure lists all your standard C++ object types: int, floats, double
* etc and also lists all of your loops such as for loops and while loops. It lists
* your class names, structs and static members.
* A JavaScript Tree that can be customized (atm via manual edit only) lets you
* insert pre-defined JavaScript propertites in your file.
* The line tracker: A handy toolbar that shows the current line of text where the
* caret is with a copy to Clipboard feature. The line tracker also lets you add
* extra lines by selecting some text from the edit control, right click and
* selecting Add Lines To Tracker.
* Favorites Pane: Easily add your favorite files hat you work the most with to
* the Favorites bar.
* History bar, unlimitted history viewer. Shows all your files that you have
* opened up in the past.
* Undo Last Close will re-open the last closed document.
* Revert to original will revert the file to its original position from the current
* session even after you saved the file.
* Powerful syntax coloring for supported languages thanks to the TScintilla
* component.
* Smart tab stops mark the tab sets of each line (Thanks to TScintilla
* component)
* Auto Complete feature that can be customized for each file type that you edit.
* So, if you edit a c++ file you can have one set of words that appear in the
* Auto Complete box and if you edit an HTML you can have a different set of
* words that appear in auto complete list.
* Abbrevations let you insert text as you type, example:
* You type "for" and press the space bar key, it will auto insert "for (int i = 0; i <
* 10; i++)"
* All these abbrevations can be customized for each file type by editing a text
* file. So just like the Auto Complete feature, the abbrevations can also be
* customized. This is not a default
* behaviour in TScintilla so I implemented this my self to my project for both
* Auto Complete and Abbrevations.
* Easily preview web documents using an external browser and pre-defined
* locations of a few popular extrenal functions....
* Dynamic Filter for open/save dialog boxes. You be the judge what you want
* and what you don't want to appear in the filter when you open/save files.
* Filter index can also be saved.
* Start the program with the same documents that were open from the previous
* session. Start the program with the same projects that were open from the
* previous session.
* Extract ints, floats, void functions from file.
* Bookmark only ints, floats, chars etc...
* Compile using the default compiler, compiler set for the project or a different
* compiler altogether (finished)



I am new here, how is everyone doing? :)

I am here because I need help to implement something. First question.

I am trying to implement a multiple Undo/Redo feature for a text editor I am working on. I thought, one way of doing it would be to capture the EM_UPDATE message and copy the text to a buffer before the text changes. So, I need something like a BeforeChange event. In the MS docs, here is what it says:

The EN_UPDATE notification message is sent when an edit control is about to redraw itself. This notification message is sent after the control has formatted the text, but before it displays the text. This makes it possible to resize the edit control window, if necessary. The parent window of the edit control receives this notification message through a WM_COMMAND message.

This part:

The EN_UPDATE notification message is sent when an edit control is about to redraw itself. This notification message is sent after the control has formatted the text, but before it displays the text.

I thought this would have been a BeforeChange event or something but it is not.
When I capture the message, the text is already modified. I want to capture something like BeforeChange event so I can copy the text to an array of buffers and save it. I have it working now BUT the implementation is pretty poor. I have to keep track on every key stroke typed and also I have to make sure before I paste something into the RichEdit or modify the text, I have to remember to copy the existing text before I modify the text. So is there something like BeforeChange event/message? So I can put the code that copies RichEdit->Text into the buffer in the BeforeChange event instead of doing it manually all the time.

Second question: This one, I am clue less.

I KNOW how to make my program accept file from explorer BUT how can I make ito be able to drag from my program to explorer AND also want to be able to drag elements from one position on the form, to another? I am particularly interested in dragging Tabs using the Tab Control, just like in Maxthon or other tabbed browsers, the tabs are draggable.

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