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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Folder Zipper
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:29 AM »
It does look like it could be a good candidate.

The one thing that needs to happen is that the files stay in the root directory of the archive. I had found some other programs that almost worked in the past, but put the folder into the archive.
The reason this need to happen, is I then change the suffix to CBZ so it can be read by a comic book reader, but if there is a folder, there is no image to display as the icon.

And before anyone asks. I am not actually using it for comic books, but old paperwork, receipts etc, and then loading into calibre for storage and categorisation :)

Additional thought. Maybe there would be a case to allow an option to change the file type to CBZ afterwards for those who need it, again another step eliminated

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Folder Zipper
« on: April 29, 2013, 05:25 AM »
This may exist, but I have yet to find it. I had MyZippa, which did similar but in a different way.

Most archive programs give a right click option to compress a "selected_folder" to "selected_folder.format" where format may be zip rar etc.

For the purpose of this idea we will assume I want to use 7-Zip and zip files.

What I want to be able to do is either select a large number of folders and right-click create individual archives for each folder selected, or drop the folders onto a program that will process each folder and zip it to an archive of the same name in the source folder, or even a predefined destination folder. The second option seems the more logical as I guess configuration would be easier, but a combination of both would also be good.

folder1 ->
folder2 ->
folder3 ->

This is the next stage in dealling with files I have processed with "File Punter" so it may fit as an add-on for that, but more likely a stand alone

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Extending Files2Folder
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:34 PM »
Not actually going to use it for music, that was an example whichj most would recognise. I have been using some of the other tags for a while, and want to use a couple of different ways of sorting using the tags, on a copy of the  data of course :)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Extending Files2Folder
« on: December 11, 2012, 12:55 PM »
And how did I miss Tags 2 Folders :), just as the doctor ordered,many thanks.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Extending Files2Folder
« on: December 09, 2012, 03:22 AM »
Files 2 Folder is an excellent utility, but like all excellent utilities there is always something extra that would make it even better  for some of us :).

1/ Add a configurable predefined destination for the output, or even a selectable list of say the last 5-10 destinations.
This would allow the user to folderise selected files, and move them out of the current location and into a new one, in just one step, effectively speeding up the process.

2/ This might be a different application, though much seems like the same. Allow a large number of files to be selected for folderising, but use a configureable file "tag" such as "album" "artist" etc. ( I have used these as examples as most people may have encountered them, but there are loads of tags), as the name for the destination folder rather than the filename.
This would allow files to be grouped from various sources. This would need "1" above, specially for files from different source folders selected through *.*. A selector should be provided to indicate what to do on collisions of filenames in the new folders.

Seems to work for most of the pages I have tried, though here is an example of a page where the util doesn't work, so I wonder what is causing the failure.;hash=item19d12725a9

I am not sure and am unable to check this as at present have no active VPN, but can you not just disable your existing connection  in Network and sharing center and create the VPN connection ? (win 7)

Might i suggest when creating folders with dates, use YYYY MM DD that way they can always be sorted sequentially. Having the date at the beginning can lead to 12 entries per year unrelated

Jody, its all down to the  :'( :'("improvements" :'( :'( they made in windows :) Even F5 doesn't always get them, you just have to wait. But if its used so that you run the util, then come back later, everything has usually refreshed.

One feature that may benefit some is allowing for multiple locations to be processed, maybe from a config file. This is especially useful for those finding they are repeating the same groups of locations regularly. Maybe even the user could create several config files and select which they want to process.

Another feature would be to extend functionality to change the icon if the folder does or does not containg a specific file type. Say has ".jpg" or does not have ".nfo".

Hi Jody, just tested the latest version, refreshes a lot quicker
Still a refresh issue exists

Total folders processed 1845
Added 3 empty folders.
Run MT icon
1 folder changed immediately
The other two took 30 seconds, though this varied to longer on several tests.

All folders had the desktop.ini generated immediately

As mentione, I suspect it is related to this issue Windows Explorer doesn't refresh when moving/deleting

It was only concieved to check the top folder and change if there was content, which can include sub-folders, but not the icons of the sub folders.

I have used it regulary on over 10000 folders, seems to work ok to me.

Will give the latest version a spin and report back

You have to run the util to update the folders.

One issue known in Win7-64 and possibly 32, is that windows, does not always refresh immediately, in fact it can take some time.

I have run this utility and someone looking at the same folder from another PC will sometimes see the updated icons well before I do, and I ran the util. Its not perfect, but it is better than nothing. And I believe windos is a limiting factor here.

If you use windows prior to vista look for a util called Folder Size. It adds an extra collumn in explorer shell with a reasonable figure for the size of files in the folder.

Ideally you need a Compliance Management system, but they don't come cheap

Just downloaded the update, will give a thorough test over the weekend :)

I found a few situations it doesn't seem to work, but its been a while IIRC one was Network mapped drives and NAS. When I get a moment I will see if i can test the ways I used it and list the places it had issues (Win7-64)

I created icons based on the windows ones that show different red/yellow ratios , but the code was not modified ( not clever enough yet :) )

If anyone wants the icon packs I can probably make them available, though I am not sure how copyright stands on them. I got the base image from a program that colourised folders. Though on making the image a negative it looked like the basic MS icon.

Your probably right on the active scripting. Maybe it can be disabled at the beginning of the current script and re-enabled at the end. I suggest that method as I assume it may be left permanently disabled once run?

PDF doesn't really suit for the end result. Part of the concept was that in some of my use cases there is image content on webpages I want to save for future reference, and by saving in full HTML the required images from the destination page can be easily extracted from the created folder of files.

Have used the util for a couple of hours today, and it seems to work quite well, filename clashes seem to depend on which website I am using, so if it is possible to add an automatic rename option when it finds a clash, that would be superb.

That solved it :) Now i can put it to a real test, and maybe discover why some pages will not save and others will

Finally had a chance to have a good play  !:)  A question, what would I need to change to force HTML every time ( as it seems to be the option I am always using), and bypass the pop up dialogue?

I tried setting

$answer = 1

at line 30, but every time it sets the default name as tabs.htm

OK figured it. The key combination was already in use!

Now if only there was a utility to say what combinations were in use already....Google...ActiveHotkeys....Donationcoder.... :)
The installer didn't work, but the portable version definitely did :)

I have only run a handfull of tests, but will take a further look this evening. Of the links I tried to save 50% were pages unable to be saved, but I got the 50% that could :)

The one improvement I can see so far would be auto closing the new tab after save

Nothing obvious:(

What I am seeing is a window position shift on Ctrl+Win+S similar to what you get when dragging the URL icon to desktop,

No save folder is being created, and when manually created still nothing appears to be saved

Have AutoIt installed now :)

Not sure if its a bug, but  "\Saved Webpages\" does not get created.

I also tried putting the full path in, but to no avail

Could it be because I am using Win7-64 ?

Could it be because I use IE9-x64 and IE9-x86

Could it be I am missing something ? :)

I tend to run IE9 with the latest up/downgrades :)

This is probably of no help, but for almost anyone who has done anything useful with a computer :-

Rule 1 - Make a backup as soon as you start, and regulary there after. And that includes any Password ! :)

I know its a bit late to reply to this, but maybe this low priced paid application might provide inspiration :)

Exteme Games Manager

I have not used this personally, but have used the Book/Movie/Music versions, and was very pleased with the results

If I remember correctly you can enter 50 items in the trial version

Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Simple Duplicate Folder Finder
« on: May 03, 2012, 11:31 AM »
Many thanks as always for a simple, but sweet utility. Has saved me about 3 hours work every few days

Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Simple Duplicate Folder Finder
« on: May 02, 2012, 12:25 PM »
Hi Jody, you got it. Its to find duplicate FOLDER names. I supply a number of locations across different drives, and ONLY those locatins need to be checked to see if they contain duplicate folders, no recursion needed. And the only action then is to add a + at the front which effectively gets the folders to the top of the list, which is in this case a Library view.

I then manually check contents, move from one folder to the other and delete whats unwanted, including the empty folder. I then manually remove the "+" from the folder

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