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I don't use Portfolio for my images (I use Picasa for that), I use it to catalog some assets, like clipart, icons, etc., which is actually what it is intended for. It is far more advanced in the cataloging arena than most "image organizers", but I decided to mention it as it fits the feature list provided by MrCrispy.

I noticed nobody mentioned Extensis Portfolio. It's not all that cheap, but it has *all* the features you want.

1. Fast and reposnsive - Initial synchronization isn't fast at all, but searches are lightning fast.
2. Ability to select a folder in the tree view and see all pics in that and its subfolders - Integrated with #5.
3. Tagging support for XMP and IPTC - Covered. Here's some info on XMP:
4. A proper way to organize/filter views based on tags - They are named keywords on Portfolio, but work the same way.
5. File monitoring for new folders/pics - Of course.
6. A nice UI with support for multiple zoom levels - You can pretty much customize the way files are displayed to your heart's desire (using different "views").

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