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Could the answer be like a fractal, or something simpler? I'm really rusty at set theory already, and there are some symbols I don't fully understand :(

Heh, thanks.

I'm now at the geometry equation... Never seen anything like that, but I'll try.

Thanks for the tips. As you point out, I already think I know the answer,
as in Cirque Du ... right? I also tried Sirius, which would be the second brightest star.

Somehow it isn't working :(

I know several people who would love to play something like this, unfortunately, none of them speak english :(

Stuck again... What's the name of the brightest star? I've tried variations in latin, greek, english, and french of the two most brightest stars... What gives?

Oh right... That's what I was doing on my initial attempts, but somehow it didn't work... now it does, thanks!

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