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sure, here's 5 of them.

hi, gang, great forum! i produce an alphabetical list manually using several different programs but thought i'd see if i could automate the task.

a folder of my tv listing program has 2 kinds of files in it but i want to extract the names of tv shows from files matching the filename ScheduleData*.xml. here's a small chunk of the contents of 1 of the files:

<ch ChNo="15"><show Aff="" CId="28456692" PId="28410472" Title="Public Access" CLetter="PUAC015" STime="05/09/2011 14:00:00" Dur="240" Rep="N" New="" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="113" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="16"><show Aff="PBS" CId="28455507" PId="188545708" Title="WordWorld" CLetter="WPTD" STime="05/09/2011 15:30:00" Dur="30" Rep="Y" New="N" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="3" /><Category Id="7" /><Category Id="105" /><Category Id="106" /><Category Id="304" /><Category Id="702" /><Category Id="706" /><Category Id="1911" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="17"><show Aff="CBS" CId="28457103" PId="258095235" Title="The Price Is Right" CLetter="WHIO" STime="05/09/2011 15:00:00" Dur="60" Rep="N" New="Y" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="7" /><Category Id="707" /><Category Id="1911" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="18"><show Aff="" CId="28455318" PId="28436365" Title="Information Channel" CLetter="INFO018" STime="05/09/2011 14:00:00" Dur="240" Rep="Y" New="N" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="113" /></Categories></show></ch>
the only data i want to extract are between Title= and CLetter markers, which i've bolded above.

what i want is a text file with all of those Titles from about 750 .xml files in alphabetical order (there will be 10s of thousands), stripping the quotes around the names and the Title= tag, eliminating all duplicates (about 35,000), and replacing &amp; with a real ampersand, and open and close quotes with ordinary keyboard quotes " so that from the above sample i'd end up with a file that just has this in it:

Information Channel
Public Access
The Price Is Right

at present i use ReplaceText to isolate the Title= lines with carriage returns, Catview2000 to extract those lines to a new file, and TextPad to sort and eliminate duplicate titles. 2 of those programs are no longer being developed, the 3rd is unregistered shareware. since it is some trouble, i only make a new list occasionally.

very clever little utility! :) to run it under win7, i had to change the compatibility setting to winXP.

Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Gracefully close Firefox on PC exit
« on: January 06, 2011, 02:03 PM »
i think Close2Quit works on my new win7 computer too!  :Thmbsup:

Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Gracefully close Firefox on PC exit
« on: December 20, 2010, 12:46 PM »
by jove, Close2Quit worked! i think i just put "VuePrint" as part of the title of the windows in the windows version of C2Q, there were 4 open when i did a restart, and all 4 must have been closed "normally" because the .ini file of each did know where it left off. when i look at the settings of C2Q now, tho, it says "WindowsVuePrintClass".

is there any problem with having multiple copies of AutoHotKey running? i don't run AHK scripts. i put the windows version of C2Q and CAPshift in my startup.

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