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that'll do it! fantastic! thanx again!  :D

oops, i did find a little error in it. in the ScheduleData-45133-OH34525R(All)-1321308000.XML file, the 50kb file, sample is a title that contains a comma:

Title="1,000 Ways to Die" CLetter="SPIKETV"

and the parser program cuts off the comma and everything in front of it: 000 Ways to Die

worked great! that is absolutely marvelous! extraordinary! i've wanted a program like this for years! thank you very much!  :Thmbsup:

was that much trouble? i'm going to have to look into AHK, it seems to be very powerful.

this UK program provides this list for it's UK customers but not it's US customers. i actually complained about the missing list on their forum! i will post it in my old thread but for all i know, i'm the only one who missed it. thanks again!

i ought to add, per #3, that the sort is to be not case sensitive.

So, to recap, what you want is:

  • All titles extracted into a list.
  • UnHTML them.
  • Sort them.
  • Remove duplicates.
  • Spit this data out into a text file.


  • I will assume that you would like to specify a root folder, have the program recurse through the subfolders, and build a list of all the titles in can find in all these Schedule*.XML files you have, right?
  • The original Schedule*.XML files are in UTF-16 format.  Would you like to keep that or convert them to something else?  UTF-8, etc.?

the source folder is always the same, the path gets changed only rarely, and all the source files are in that one folder, but there's also 750 Programme*.dat files in there too. the source files can stay unchanged, they get changed daily by the tv listing program, Digiguide (it's a UK programme). the output file, just a plain text file, would always be the same too, programmes.uq, in a different folder, overwriting the existing file. it's in Program Files (x86) and i sometimes have problems writing files to folders there--durn win7 permissions!--tho at the mo it lets me write or copy to this file.

thanx for your kind and prompt attention, Skwire! i used to code on the spot with AutoLISP when i was an AutoCAD draftsman (laid off), but i never learned any windows programming languages.

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