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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: March 17, 2012, 03:40 PM »
Some users showed interest so here's my tweaked version (attached)

P.S. : And a big THANK YOU to Brett for that great program.

Thanx, Armando, for your tweeks! i did have to fix a few typos:
Line 34:
  Menu, Tray, Icon, E:\configurations\AHK Scripts\TitleLog\TitleLog.ico, , 1
i had to change the path. in fact i don't have an AHK icon handy, so i put the path to a clock icon.

Line 114:
  Gui, 2:add, UpDown, Range 1-60,%idletime%
When i click Preference on the menu, this line errored, so i tried putting a comma after Range, and it works!

Line 443:
  TV_Modify(0, "Sort").
i deleted the period.

Thanx again, Armando, and original author Brett!

oh, yeah, much faster! the previous version took long enough to get distracted!


i can do that! but i made a mistake, all of them total only 76megs  :-[ i must have included all the other files in this folder.

7zip Ultra compresses them down to only 2.3megs! gotta love file compression!

...  How large are the files he is running this on?   :tellme:  If you want, have him zip them up and send them to me for testing.

i don't really know. i would guess the number of ScheduleData files are governed by how many weeks of past tv listings we keep and the size is governed by the number of channels in the listings. the total size of all my ScheduleData*.xml files is 1.7gb.

Just wanted to stick my nose in the door and say how much I love seeing these kinds of threads  :Thmbsup:

thanx for the cool service, Mouser!

i've run our program, which i renamed DGNameParser.exe, several times without any problems  :P but when a fellow US user tried it, he posted this to that software's forum:

When running DyNamaParsar I get the following error msg. start when processing 495 of 576:

Error: Memory limit reacched (see #Maxmem in the help file).
The current thread will exit.
042:myBlock .= myTitles . "

skwire, what could cause that?

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