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N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 - Pledge & Final Release: Stick A Note
« on: December 29, 2012, 02:38 PM »
Hi, Anandcoral,
as i said, i love this program, but the sad fact is, it goofs up a lot on my win7 x64 laptop. here's screenshots of SAN showing the wrong note:
SAN_error 5.jpg
SAN_error 7.jpg
These are windows that do have a note, SAN is just showing the wrong one. Sometimes i want to edit the existing note but the wrong note comes up in the SAN editor. i had to move the SAN…txt file of the wrong note out of the StickANote folder―in fact i moved all of them except the ones i wanted to edit. Then i moved them back and restarted SAN, but that did not stop it from showing wrong notes.

here's a screenshot of SAN showing a note that doesn't even belong―this note transfers to every window that has focus, even the "Show hidden icons" window in the tray!
SAN_error 1.jpg
End-tasking SAN and restarting does stop this behavior.

I'll find workarounds if i must, but i sure would like fixes. perhaps a way to unload or refresh the SAN database in memory?

anandcoral, i love this program! my image viewer vueprint puts the name of the image in the title bar, so with stick-a-note keying on the title bar, i can put individual notes on different pictures! i already have 407 notes. will SAN be able to handle 1,000 notes? 10,000 notes?

SAN does goof up every so often on my win7 x64 laptop and suddenly start showing the wrong note on every window that gets focus--it even shows the note on the pop-up window when i click on the tray hidden-icon button! but i just end task and restart the program.

General Software Discussion / Re: scroll down to next picture
« on: April 03, 2012, 02:51 AM »
if i wanted to rip the pictures, the download manager i use, DownThemAll, will do that, plus i have Bulk Image Downloader registered shareware. no, all i want is more control over scrolling on a webpage. thanx gang!

do any of you even think something like that, pressing a button or a key to jump to the next photo, is even possible? or a button that pops up a menu of jump links to each picture on the page, like a table of contents (not links to where the picture is stored)? i would rather type "n" or pick "next" on a menu than scroll independent of the pictures. javascript to extract all the "img src" in the html or something?

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: March 30, 2012, 07:08 PM »
here is another set of typographic errors:
 If (Custom1<>"Undefined" and Custom1<>"")                                       ;if underfined or empty, dont show in Tray Menu
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom1%, M1
  If (Custom2<>"Undefined" and Custom2<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom2%, M2
  If (Custom3<>"Undefined" and Custom3<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom3%, M3
  If (Custom4<>"Undefined" and Custom4<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom4%, M4
  If (Custom5<>"Undefined" and Custom5<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom5%, M5
  If (Custom6<>"Undefined" and Custom6<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom6%, M6
  If (Custom7<>"Undefined" and Custom7<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom5%, M7
  If (Custom8<>"Undefined" and Custom8<>"")
      Menu, tray, add, %Custom6%, M8
Brett forgot to change the last 2 to %Custom7% and %Custom8%.

Save:                    ;;; ;save and submit to ini from PrefsGui GUI:2
  Gui, 2:Submit
  IniWrite, %Custom1%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 1
  IniWrite, %Custom2%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 2
  IniWrite, %Custom3%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 3
  IniWrite, %Custom4%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 4
  IniWrite, %Custom5%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 5
  IniWrite, %Custom6%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 6
  IniWrite, %Custom5%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 7
  IniWrite, %Custom6%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Custom, 8
  IniWrite, %Idletime%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Idletime, 1
  IniWrite, %donotlog%, %A_Scriptdir%\TitleLog Prefs.ini, Donotlog, 1
here too.

but lanux128 messaged me to suggest replacing the whole thing with a loop:
Loop, 8                                                               ; since there are only 8 custom msg supported via gui (lanux128)
  If ((Custom%A_Index%<>"Undefined") And (Custom%A_Index%<>""))    ;if undefined or empty, dont show in Tray Menu
      Menu, Tray, Add, % Custom%A_Index%, CustomMsg              ; change M1-M8 labels into "CustomMsg"    (lanux128)

General Software Discussion / Re: scroll down to next picture
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:10 PM »
i am just reading the blog, not just looking at pictures (not always, anyway), but i hate when a page down cuts a pic in half so i have to arrow down to get the whole pic on the screen. i hit the arrow button a few times...not enough, a few more times...still not enough. what can i say, i let little things like that bother me.  :)


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