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Finished Programs / DONE: Sync folders by renaming files
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:10 PM »
Hi, gang,
When i download photos and videos from my camera, i move them off the sd card, and then immediately back them up to an external hard drive. eventually i rename the original photos with notes about the contents. the problem i'd like to solve is that the backup copies did not get the new name. i don't want to recopy them, that could take too long, i just want to match the files by size, date & time, and extention, none of which will change (i don't think i need checksum comparison), and put the new name on them.


I can actually match them manually by just sorting by size, which i've done in the file browser in the photo above. (isn't it amazing that no two photos or videos are exactly the same size!) now all i need is to copy each filename to the clipboard 1-at-a-time in the right panel, then apply the new name to the matching file in the left panel. but with dozens if not hundreds of files, that's a lot of work. i'd like an easier way to do that, please.

My thinking is a duplicate finder that offers to apply 1 filename to the other (in addition to deleting one, which i won't use, but that's what dupe finders usually offer to do), a file-syncing program that recognizes duplicate files, a program that shows the files that match together with a rename button or a checkbox and a Rename Selected button, a program that pops up a window for each match and offers to rename the right file to match the left or vice versa, a dual-pane explorer just like the above pic where i highlight the 2 files and press a button, whatever is easier.

General Software Discussion / scroll down to next picture
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:08 PM »
hi, gang! i frequently end up browsing blogs that start each post with a picture. the pic of course has no relation to how much the webpage scrolls down when i click in the scroll bar. if i'm interested in seeing every picture, i end up clicking once in the scroll bar, then clicking the up or down arrows a couple times, which is irritating. anyone know of a program or firefox addon that scrolls down to the next picture with 1 click? an example blog would be this cooking blog,, that i wish i could press a button and scroll right down to the next picture.

hi, gang, great forum! i produce an alphabetical list manually using several different programs but thought i'd see if i could automate the task.

a folder of my tv listing program has 2 kinds of files in it but i want to extract the names of tv shows from files matching the filename ScheduleData*.xml. here's a small chunk of the contents of 1 of the files:

<ch ChNo="15"><show Aff="" CId="28456692" PId="28410472" Title="Public Access" CLetter="PUAC015" STime="05/09/2011 14:00:00" Dur="240" Rep="N" New="" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="113" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="16"><show Aff="PBS" CId="28455507" PId="188545708" Title="WordWorld" CLetter="WPTD" STime="05/09/2011 15:30:00" Dur="30" Rep="Y" New="N" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="3" /><Category Id="7" /><Category Id="105" /><Category Id="106" /><Category Id="304" /><Category Id="702" /><Category Id="706" /><Category Id="1911" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="17"><show Aff="CBS" CId="28457103" PId="258095235" Title="The Price Is Right" CLetter="WHIO" STime="05/09/2011 15:00:00" Dur="60" Rep="N" New="Y" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="7" /><Category Id="707" /><Category Id="1911" /></Categories></show></ch><ch ChNo="18"><show Aff="" CId="28455318" PId="28436365" Title="Information Channel" CLetter="INFO018" STime="05/09/2011 14:00:00" Dur="240" Rep="Y" New="N" Logo="" Prem="" Fin=""><Categories><Category Id="1" /><Category Id="113" /></Categories></show></ch>
the only data i want to extract are between Title= and CLetter markers, which i've bolded above.

what i want is a text file with all of those Titles from about 750 .xml files in alphabetical order (there will be 10s of thousands), stripping the quotes around the names and the Title= tag, eliminating all duplicates (about 35,000), and replacing &amp; with a real ampersand, and open and close quotes with ordinary keyboard quotes " so that from the above sample i'd end up with a file that just has this in it:

Information Channel
Public Access
The Price Is Right

at present i use ReplaceText to isolate the Title= lines with carriage returns, Catview2000 to extract those lines to a new file, and TextPad to sort and eliminate duplicate titles. 2 of those programs are no longer being developed, the 3rd is unregistered shareware. since it is some trouble, i only make a new list occasionally.

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