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Post New Requests Here / PlayDead
« on: April 14, 2011, 09:57 AM »
I sometimes back up large files, and batch process large amounts of files,
I also try to perform other time consuming tasks such as downloads etc.

I would like my computer to play dead.

I would like it to appear off when I leave it.

I do not want anyone to turn it off because they think it is not being used. (or that they are saving the earth by turning off my PC when
they leave a gamesystem on for days even when not using it.)

I also do not want anyone to see what I am working on.

I would like to redirect the keyboard keys to avoid the use of the three finger salute (ctrl, alt, del).

It would be best if the keys were all dead/redirected (but the dead/alive hotkeys )

I would also like to kill the trac pad, though leaving the wireless mouse alone would be good.

I would like to mute all sound, and turn off the screen,
alternately I would like to be able to put up a Windows is updating wallpaper/screensaver to try and avoid people messing with my computer.

To use the windows is updating wallpaper it would be best if all desktop links were hidden.

Also if it is possible to send function keys I would like to send function key strokes: Fn F1 (turns off all lamps)

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