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Just to put in my two cents worth. I have a small computer repair business and consider myself as pretty well qualified in Windows. Toyed very slightly with various Linux distros over past 10 years and didn't care for any. However, about 5 months ago, I d/l and played with a Live cd of Linux13-MATE. I liked it so much that I am now dual booting it on all my machines, and tend to use it 95% of the time. IMHO it has Windows all beat. Incidentally, I turned 78 today. I highly recommend Linux Mint, any version.

Re: Mouser's quote: But.. and here's the key point.. I don't go near that directory with my own files.  I use my own custom MyDocs folder for any program data that *I* have control over.  So any program where i have a choice, and where I care about the data, I save to the MyDocs folder.  I've been doing exactly that-even using "MyDocs" almost from the time I started using a computer. In fact, as I'm using Linux Mint more and more, have done the same there.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm familiar with Launchy, but preferred SlickRun over that. Might have a go at it as I'm tending to use Linux Mint12 more and more.

Any chance of coding FARR (and some of your other programs) for Linux?

Thanks for the info. I had already downloaded, but not installed, awhile back Softmaker Office2008. I've just finished downloading the portable version of LibreOffice. I'll wait on that too, as LibreOffice came along with my installalling Linux Mint12 on another machine, and I'd like to check it out there. As an aside, I've been using WinOffice2007 since it came out, but only use Word and Excel.

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