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some nice music on there by the way;
if you find a way to record it please post and share :)

hi dj,

i remember your post from streaming media recording forum
which is still the best place to get help finding particular streams, since we have some real experts there
who know this stuff much better than me.
i tried sniffing for the url like you, snooper gave me that sameaddress you have, it's not very useful is it..
i think we will probably have to wait for one of those streamin media experts on the other forum to help us figure it out,
it's some kind of windows media player streaming trick. if your thread on that forum starts to move off page ill bump it back up until we find the solution.

i was actually thinking of moving the forums from there to here so its all in one place.. still considering..

I have also tried using the URL Snooper to obtain the URL but I have not had any success. I first launched the URL Snooper program and clicking on 'Sniff Network' and then I hit the play button on the embedded media player.
Is this the correct way to obtain the URL from URL Snooper?

yes; just make sure you have selected the right network adapter in the options; you should see a count of packets being scanned on the bottom left.  in this case there are no multimedia urls so you won't see any in the results list until you change the Protocol Filter to something like "show all" in which case you get some links similar to the one you posted.

if you never see any packets being counted as it scans, it means you haven't selected the right network adapter, or that possibly you are on dialup and need to do the special workaound to get url snooper to work with dial-up.

Living Room / New charter members - please read in
« on: March 17, 2005, 10:45 PM »
By default after one registers at this forum, you will see when you post and in your profile you are marked as a "visitor."

When i get notified of a new signup at the forum i check forum profile against people who have donated, and i move your
status to "Charter Member" if it matches an email i have on file.

If you find that you are still maked as a "visitor" after a day, it probably means i missed it or you used a different email; just send me an email on personal message through the forum, and i'll make sure to correct it so that you are properly identified as a charter membet.

ProcessTamer / Re: ideas for process tamer
« on: March 17, 2005, 08:44 PM »
that problem is probably due to the fact the process tamer is single threaded and goes to sleep and only wakes up once per second to check on things and process clicks.  so if you double click you have to wait a second for it to "take."  ill bet that is the issue, rather than having to click it multiple times - just seems that way because their is a delay it in responding.

i'll fix this in the next release - which should be available next week.

Mouser's Zone / Re: Any new ideas for small utilities?
« on: March 17, 2005, 07:24 PM »
now that is an interesting idea..
as you say, i've heard of programs that jump the mouse cursor to the box, but not ones that do what you say, which does seem like it might be kinda cool and less disorienting.

i do already have code to efficiently enumerate windows written in process tamer,
maybe i will do some more investigating into possible window operations that might be useful, in addition to moving certain dialogs to the position under the mouse.  i'm not sure it would be worth the effort just for that, but maybe if there were a bunch of things, like auto pushing certain buttons, that altogether it would be worth doing..
the only reservation i have is that it seems like the best solution would be to have one of these existing programs that already do much of this to add this one feature, rather than me writing a whole new thing.  but it is intriguing..
i will def. give some thoughts to this since process tamer is already a good skeleton for such things.

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