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Find And Run Robot / Re: Thanks, with questions...
« on: March 20, 2005, 10:42 AM »
someone had this exact problem with launching shortcuts - must be a bug in the program.
kinda embaressing since launching shortcuts is the main purpose of this program!

i just wonder why its working fine on some machines, and other seem to have it not work at all when launching shortcuts..

well i will try to solve this bug this week.

maybe if one or two of you who are suffering fromt his problem can check this section occasionally this week you can help me beta test it?

we'll get it solved this week for sure - any problem like this which is consistently occuring is easy to fix.

transparency.. hadnt thought of it but its not hard to add.
would you want it to always run at a given level of transparency, or change levels at certain times?

i'll try to add an option for it this week, for adjustable transparency.

sorry for any confusion - i've gotten a few emails from people who are wondering the same thing.
you've got it right -
the discount is already agreed to and settled, we are just waiting on a discount code and form to give to our members.

agnitum outpost works by activating the trial download, so i suggest, as i did in the review, that you download the trial and install it, and use it for a few days while we are waiting for the official discount gateway, so that you know it's right for you before you spend any money on it.  At $20 it's a pretty great deal but still no point being imprudent, might as well use the trial for a couple days and make sure it's something you want before you lay out the money.  the trial is fully functional just has a 30 day limit.

when i get the codes i will send out an email and we will probably put the links and codes in the Members Only section of this forum, since that is already set up to be for member's only.

Living Room / Re: Long post about the new 50% Discounts (!)
« on: March 20, 2005, 03:56 AM »
thanks nudone, i appreciate that - i wanted to do something to show you guys how much we appreciate you helping us kick start this project off on the right foot.

I'm going to have those discount codes/forms up any day now - we just have to sort out the best logistics for it.  ScooterSoftware is a small enough company that you could probably email them right now to have them apply the discount with your purchase, but it's probably best if everyone could wait until we get a the official codes set up.

The Beyond Compare Review can be found here:

share your thoughts about why you agree or disagree with our review.. if you disagree, tell us about what program you think should have won.  note: this post is locked - please put comments in new threads.

Best File/Folder Compare Tool / What did you think of the review?
« on: March 19, 2005, 07:47 PM »
Well what did you guys think of the review?

I know it was long - i was thinking about whether we should split it into different pages..

please post your comments and let me know what direction you would like to see the reviews go in.

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