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Yep, i used macromedia captivate.
i'm kind of a fan of the demo-creating softwares.  maybe a review is in the works.
i wouldn't say that captivate is flawless, it had an issue with clipping audio a bit at the ends, but it was a very easy program to use and made it quite simple to make those movies. i would have liked to be able to reduce the quality of the audio too, the audio is the main factor for the size (2mb with audio, 200k without) - i almost didn't post them because of their size..

a nice free flash demo maker (don't think it supports audio):

well i should say that, despite the issues, nod32 is on my system right now  :D

some issues:

it freaks out with some files - there are a few files that seem to really cause it to scan very slowly.. some dll's that have copy protection and some small .html files.  and combined with a flaw in it's ability to cache crc values for files, the weel-renowned speed of nod32 can literally slow down to molasses at certain times.

it took me many days of frustration to figure out that this was the reason that my right click in explorer was taking 10 times longer to pop up than normal, and why my dictionary program suddenly went from opening instantly to taking 20 seconds to open.  truly bizarre behavior, and the only solution is to manually exclude these files/folders from scanning.  a bug in the exclude dialog makes this even more annoying.

nod32 also has a heuristic engine on by default which can false alarm on some files, and when it alerts on them it doesnt tell the user "hey i'm just guessing about this", which has resulted in some confusion wrt some very harmless programs being accused of having viruses.

with all that said you might think i don't like nod32, but in fact it's really mostly a very nice antivirus with a very efficient feel to it in most respects.  i used antivir for a long time and i sometimes go back and forth between antivir and nod32.  i just couldn't get used to the interface of avg and some other antiviruses i've tried.  i also liked f-prot.  mcafee seemed quite nice to me too but i had the feeling it might be using a lot of system resources..

nod32 is a very good av, but its not perfect;
it has some problems with certain files - but i hear they are planning a major engine overhaul in hear future that may fix some of these things.

a really nice free one that i like is
Antivir Personal

there absolutely is an av review planned.
and we will for sure award best free and best commercial.

nod32 is def. in contention for best.

ProcessTamer / Re: ideas for process tamer
« on: March 20, 2005, 10:45 AM »
this is #1 on my list to add this week, to have an option for turning off the balloon.

i will also add the ability to customize the thresholds which trigger the raising or lowering of process priorities.

one thing i could think about adding is changing the icon slightly when process tamer has at least one process reduced in priority.. just to make it possible to tell at a glance if has kicked in or not..  that would be an option also.

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