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there are 2 audio options when publishing, high qual and low qual.  it uses mp3.
the review demos i posted are low qual; i would have much preferred an option to let me make it lower quality,
as i think their review of low is still better than it needs be and i would have preferred the space savings.

Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 21, 2005, 04:18 AM »
sample front page for what i was thinking:

ProcessTamer / Re: ideas for process tamer
« on: March 21, 2005, 12:01 AM »
i thought win2k had the balloons also.  either it isnt, or can be disabled, or its just a winxp thing.
i will def try to do the icon change thing this week, and maybe show a summary of "tamed apps" as you say, in the about box.

yes, it probably is outside the scope of this site/forum, so probably having it's own section is too much - i think having too many sections is bad for a forum, it spreads everything out too much and makes it less fun.  so maybe hardware posts can fit in somewhere else - maybe its nice just having one "living room" in the main section of the forum for discussing such things.

Living Room / "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 20, 2005, 10:03 PM »
We were thinking about the possibility of setting up a section where we might have a couple blogs related to software.  the idea would be to have like some virtual "columnists", just a few, who might make an occasional blog-like post relating to some new program they found and liked, or maybe just some general comments on some software issue.

we like the idea of having things that are like weekly events so that people can depend on them and come to read them regularly, so it would be like, you'd know that every sunday you could come check out person X's column to see what they wrote about, it might be their thoughts on a specific program or on some issue in general, like an opinion column.  these would be really short posts, just like blog entries.  we would even use blog software in order to make updaing it easily for the "columnists".

thoughts on this? Maybe one or two people on this forum feels like having a column would be something they would be good at?  you wouldnt be doing long comprehensive reviews, just short little entertaining posts on something that interested you in the software world.  could be fun  :) or could end up being a burden to have to write a column entry each week  :(

probably i'm getting carried away but i was just thinking it might be fun to have like 7 columnists/bloggers, one for each day of the week, so that every day there would be one (and only one) new post to read.  We could call the section like "Columnist Corner" or "Opinion Central", with a nice hub page showing a lbutton ink for each day of the week/columnist.  heh the more i write about it the more i like it, but that's what usually happens to me at night and then i wake up and wonder wtf i was thinking.


ps. am i the only one who thinks that the Message Icon list needs to have more icons? i'll look into it.  maybe add some more smilies to the [more] list as well.

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