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Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 21, 2005, 12:48 PM »
sounds great.

eventually what we'd like to do, if we have more people contributing actual content to the site in a real way (like columnists), is figure out a way for donaters to be able to indicate that some of their donation should go to a certain aspect of the site.  so that maybe a donater would say, 50% of my $10 donation should go to the columnists.  Then 5 columninsts would split $5 and get $1 each from that donation.  its going to take some time to get that set up since paypal is of no use and we will have to write some scripts and figure out how to deal with it all.  when you add the fact that the money coming in so far is probably just enough to cover web hosting fees and not much more, you're not missing out on anything.   but that's the basic idea of what we'd like to set up eventually.  for now though columnists will be paid in love + appreciation + a soapbox :)
plus maybe a tshirt that says "I'm a columnist for and all i get is this lousy tshirt"  :lol:

i'm actually really excited about this columnist idea - it will really be nice to have some new content each day that people can look forward to.  like i said before it doesnt have to be anything that takes much time from you, just post some thoughts once a week on something related in some way to software.. might be nice though if each columnist sort of specialized for the most part on some different issue/area, just to make it easier for readers to identify who talks about what, but thats just an idea.

i'm working now to set up some blog systems and get them integrated properly into the site; after that they will be all yours and you'll have complete control over the posting, editing, etc. from your web browser.  I'm happy to provide some additional web space as well for columnists who want to host some additional personal pages etc.

i remember that Real7ime tool, it was strange one but quite interesting and impressive.
have you posted this question on the streaming media recording forum (see link other post).
there have been other discussions about changed dll files names in the past and it might be possible to get it to work by changing some driver names, OR else making a local copy of the Real drivers in a separate directory for Real7ime to use (i think that might be your best bet), much in the way that the Real Alternative thing does (google will find you a link for that).

Let us know if you figure out a solution.

Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 21, 2005, 08:31 AM »
def. not tomorrow.
i still have to set up some nice blogging software and get everything integrated properly into the site.
probably next tuesday if you're up for it.

it doesn't have to be tuesday either - you can pick which day of the week you'd prefer (mon thru fri).

yes you can export for flash modification, and you may be able to individually export and import mp3 files for individual slides;
the strange thing is that captivate gives you two choices for compression quality of the audio, i just want it to give me a few more.

part of the problem may lie with the flash format itself. when i made my 2xl simulator (hehe even got in a plug for another of the things available at this site), i discovered that some lowfi mp3 audio formats do not play correctly in flash.

Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 21, 2005, 08:22 AM »
check the new member group description under your name, and the sample columnist page  :D

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