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our idea is when we pick a category, we will first try to find the very best software in that category.
if that program is a free or open source program, then we will just review that program, and of course note that it is the best and is free.

however if the best program in a category is shareware, then we will often try to also find the next best program that is free or open source, and present awards to both, and describe clearly what we liked about each.

this way, those who prefer open source or free software, or think that the commercial app does not justify its price will still have a clear choice about best free program.

i should have been clearer-

the only thing i was talking about was making it possible for visitors to the web site to be able to browse the help files online *without* ever installing the program.  so it would just be a way for people to glance through the manual without having to actually install the program.
for people who already have it installed it would be of no value, you'd always have the normal help files in the program when you install it.

don't forget we will post a new software review/award every saturday.

actually this week we plan to do our first of hopefully many combo awards, where we will present two award, one for best app overall, and one for best open source / free alternative.

a very very warm welcome to all of you who found us through bob's fantastic ShellCity.Net site or Infopackets newsletter.

shell city has been one of my fav sites listing software for a long time - bob always finds new cool utilities that you never hear about anywhere else, and his archive is a treasure trove.

welcome welcome, make yourself at home.

and for our visitors here who don't know about the shell city site, or bob's infopackets newsletter, what are you waiting for?! start clicking!

Find And Run Robot / Re: Wow.
« on: March 17, 2005, 02:18 PM »
great to hear that - i've been discussing some possible new features with other new members..
if anyone has some feature requests please post!
i may be able to do an update next week.

two features in consideration for adding are optional reading of windows' internal list of programs run and adding them to history for faster search and easier location of recently run programs outside of f&r, and the ability to search for folders.

i'm open to any other feature requests!

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