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Mouser's Zone / Re: Any new ideas for small utilities?
« on: March 24, 2005, 10:51 AM »
yeah powerdesk has lots of liltte helpers, and a nice search util.

dir opus has some great features, but its search util takes about 20 minutes to start up, making it very painful to use.
i think a file explorer review is in the works soon.

someone mentioned this issue before and i have experienced it myself; you can be editing and previewing a post and suddenly the browser claims it has "expired" and wont show the page.

i'll fix this, i promise.
but until its fixed, a workaround is to just "reload" the page.
it will tell you it must resubmit the page data or something.

then your post will come back, it doesnt get lost(!)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Thanks, with questions...
« on: March 24, 2005, 06:31 AM »
i'm uploading a new version to test;
when you get a chance could you let me know if the the launching problems persist in the dif modes;
i just tested it on my win2k vmware machine and it ran ok, so this is one of those things where your help is invaluable.

see future post for url

just exit the program if its currently running, and install this version over old version.

if you'd prefer i upload just the changed exe without installer i'd be happy to do that in the future.

i'm working my way through fix list.  so far things that i addressed:

  • fixed bug that could result in program trying to save changed options more than necesary
  • changed default launch history to 50 items
  • fixed (maybe) gray empty header on launch in details mode with no items
  • fixed bug causing flash of previous items when clear on restart is checked
  • double click now toggles view when using fast style launcher
  • fixed bug where on trigger you would see previous find list first before it resets
  • adding exclusion rules for apps now adds these rules to pattern match box not history box, and removes any existing entry from history launch.
  • some apparent "hanging" of the program was due to obscured windows, hopefully fixed now.
  • adding an exclusion now forces score to -9999 even if a prior rule exists
  • new window transparency control in options
  • by default moves recent docs and desktop links to top of search list and enabled by default.
  • pressing down arrow during search stops search and moves cursor into results view. 
  • fixed bug with scrollbars on long listviews.
  • slightly improved icon.
  • Cursor arrows in and out of search box works better now. 

Note to Upgraders:
i realized from discussions here that the "recent documents" and "desktop" and maybe even "favorites" directory entries in the search path tab should be enabled and moved to top.  they are that way by default with this new version, but if you're upgrading it won't modify your existing settings so i suggest you enable those and move them to top by default.

Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 24, 2005, 05:02 AM »
ok great,
we have our 5 starting columnists!

by all means if you want to make long posts go for it :)
i was just saying this doesnt have to become something that takes up huge amounts of your time,
and while some bloggers work hard to post very frequently like every day, these are really meant tobe weekly posts where people can look forward to reading a new post/column each week.

i guess since we are following the newspaper column model we should say that columns should be available on the morning of whatever day you are responsible for.  the blog software lets you submit posts in advance and scedule them so that is always an option.

this is fun :)
glad to have you all aboard.

i'm always open to new ideas - if there is someone reading this who desperately wants to be a columnist and thinks they can make a real contribution, we could always do columns on saturday/sunday, or have some rotating thing, etc.  and i'd be happy to give up my slot for someone enthusiastic with something to say.

Living Room / Re: An idea for "Columnist Corner" - read in please
« on: March 23, 2005, 09:17 PM »
somone suggested we might keep one day a week rotating..
if we have enough people who might be interested in columns we could alternate authors for more days.

if it's something you think you want to do i'd be happy to set you up for thursday and set up a blog and email.  music software would be nice subject.

i dont have specific areas in mind, the main things i think are:
1) the columnists/bloggers should have fun with this - so pick stuff you want to talk about.
2) we are promising people that we will have a new entry each day; columnists can stop whenever they want as long as they give us a weeks worth of notice so that we have time to find someone to take over.
3) it would be nice to have a sort of theme for each column, just so that they would differentiate from each other somewhat.  its ok if they overlap but i think it would just be funner for readers if each blog had a slightly different slant.

make sense?

if you still want to do it email me a desired login name and password for the blog (and nick for the column if different), and whether you want me to set up a email for you, and if so whether you want me to have it just forward mail to another account or whether you want a proper smtp/pop login.


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