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the more i think about this the more it seems like a good idea..

i think the way to begin is for me to post a schedule of the categories planned for the next 5-10 reviews/awards.

and perhaps also the winners i have in mind.  that will give us time for people to nominate winners and look for alternatives that might be missed.

it doesnt even nescearily have to be a strict schedule, i can just post categories and people can nominate candidate winners and we can go in whatever order we want.

depending on how things worked out, the "Advanced Software Reconnaissance Team" could either be a loose collection of whoever in the forum decideds they want to post some info about a category on a given week, or it could turn into a semi-official team of people who might lend their views and dissenting opinions along with awards - sort of like when a game magazine has 5 dif reviewers comment on a game and rate it.

i still want to keep the idea of presenting awards for best-in-class, rather than simply saying, here is a good program, but it could be useful to have some "dissenting opinions" at the end of a particularly subjective choice...

before i post a list of upcoming awards, there is one thing i need to figure out, and that is to what extent should i care about such a list spoiling the surprise of new reviews.  is that ridiculous to even think about.  a voice in my head is telling me it is silly to even consider such a thing, but from talking to people sometimes they seem to look foward to the week's review where they get to discover what's been chosen.  having advanced debates about the winner for the week would lost that surprise.  on the other hand if we keep our discussions to a particular board on the forum, then only those who go in there would find out, and we could always limit it to those with permission, and anyway a small percentage of viewers to the site would go in there anyway.. so i'm probably being ridiculous..

you are the 2nd person to suggest this to me, and i think youv've made a great case for this.
i cannot disagree with that you are suggesting at all.

and i really like your statement
I'm not one to look at comparison charts with other products; that's usually an advertsing gimmick because most such charts only include the desirable features of the product that is pre-determined to win against the others. I immediately mistrust them. But if you would just list the things you looked at or considered, and how the product ranks against those features (not against other products),

not so much because i think it wouldnt be useful to compare features against others, but just because i don't think such comparison tables could be created without huge amounts of work.

i will try to do this. i will try to list some objective criteria that i consider when i review a program and give it an award and where i think it falls.  for me, some of picking a best program is a subjective total experience, including the feel of the gui, and so it may be hard for us to lay out objective points about everything, but i think your point is extremely valid and should be adhered to whenever possible.

this might also be something that could benefit from others suggestions.
ie if we set up a sort of advanced team prior to each weeks review, maybe one of the things they could do is suggest waht kinds of features are important.  then if we had a list of such imp. features it would be easier to touch on them during a review.

really good idea ric, just have to figure out a way to keep these reviews doable in the required time frame.


the new wave of drive imaging software is good at making a complete clone of your hd, while windows is still running - it backs up your registry and all open files.

True Image is my current favorite for this - it does a remarkable job and its very fast.
i recommend buying an external usb drive and using such a program, instead of tapes.

i was thinking that i need to try to find some people willing to help me track down soft in prep for reviews.  Some people to form an Advanced Software Reconnaissance Team.

the idea is simple, the way we do awards/reviews here is we recommend the BEST software in a given category - so its important that i not miss some program and later find out its better than the one we awarded as best.

so i'm thinking i could use some help finding programs once a decision is made about the category.

ie if we were doing backup programs, then it would be important to find all the backup software we can that could at least be a possible contender for best software.  we don't need to find everything, just those that could be in contention for best - the main goal being avoiding missing a possible winner.

i'm not sure if this would spoil the surprise of the saturday review.. is it fun having it be a surprise?

one possibility would be to only have a few people in this ASRT team and only those would know about the week's upcoming review ahead of time.

other ideas are welcome..

i am a very big backup fanatic,
and i have some def. views on best backup software.

i was actually thinking of doing a special kind of review for backup, in the form of a guide.

so i would layout my guide to backing up your computer and files, in terms of a complete guide w/ associated best recommended software.

to me backing up involves having a couple of different systems for dif. purposes, so its not just a matter of recommending one piece of software.

next week i have a real special app that i am really looking forward to awarding..

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