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i was thinking that i need to try to find some people willing to help me track down soft in prep for reviews.  Some people to form an Advanced Software Reconnaissance Team.

the idea is simple, the way we do awards/reviews here is we recommend the BEST software in a given category - so its important that i not miss some program and later find out its better than the one we awarded as best.

so i'm thinking i could use some help finding programs once a decision is made about the category.

ie if we were doing backup programs, then it would be important to find all the backup software we can that could at least be a possible contender for best software.  we don't need to find everything, just those that could be in contention for best - the main goal being avoiding missing a possible winner.

i'm not sure if this would spoil the surprise of the saturday review.. is it fun having it be a surprise?

one possibility would be to only have a few people in this ASRT team and only those would know about the week's upcoming review ahead of time.

other ideas are welcome..

i am a very big backup fanatic,
and i have some def. views on best backup software.

i was actually thinking of doing a special kind of review for backup, in the form of a guide.

so i would layout my guide to backing up your computer and files, in terms of a complete guide w/ associated best recommended software.

to me backing up involves having a couple of different systems for dif. purposes, so its not just a matter of recommending one piece of software.

next week i have a real special app that i am really looking forward to awarding..

Living Room / Everyone happy with PayPal?
« on: March 28, 2005, 02:12 PM »

Occasionally I get email from someone who is wary about using PayPal.

I've had a PayPal account for over 4 years, using it mostly as a a way to pay for things rather than receive money, and I have to say that I have never had a single bad experience, and overall my experience has been fantastic.

So far my experience in terms of using it to receive donations has been equally pleasent, and PayPal charges a much lower surcharge than other credit card / shareware processing services, and they are well set up for accepting user-chosen donation amounts.

But I am aware of all the sites on the web complaining about PayPal - all of them seem to be from seller's who have had their accounts closed by PayPal and had some of their money confiscated without warning.  I can certainly understand why this would be infuriating, especially if PayPal is not forthcoming about their reasons behind it..

I've also had at least one person tell me they were having trouble getting PayPal to accept their donation.

I'd be very interested in hearing other people's experiences with PayPal, both bad and good, and whether you think I should set up an alternative donation method (and if so, any recommendations?)

Find And Run Robot / Re: New Version
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:29 AM »
fixed version 1.05.10 updated.
i also took the opportunity to remove the "Super Happy.." part of the installer name, which i should have done earlier; this change makes it seem like a different program to the installer, so if you want to avoid having an extra entry in your "installed programs list", you should uninstall prior version before installing this one - if you don't its not a big deal.

Living Room / Daily Blog Columns have begun!
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:26 AM »
The daily blog columns have started !

They are arranged as 5 columns, one for each weekday, and each written by a different columnist.
More info can be found on the start page for the columns:

But you can always get to the lastest column for the current day at:

There is even a link to this page in the upper right of this forum, in the news box.

Please show some love and appreciation to our bloggers by posting feedback in the comments sections of their blogs.

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